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The only School Management System designed to free your schedule from tedious tasks

Modern institutions operating on legacy systems face the inherited uphill battle of remaining profitable. USchools Solution such as school management system, student management system, school scheduling software provides the transparency of all school departments for better-informed decision making and financial strategy planning with web-based ERP software and sis software. Streamline and customize administrative operations, minimizing operational costs and time restraints.

Effectively manage and control:

  • Student Enrollment, Waitlists, and Relationships
  • Student Programs and Resources
  • Mass Communications

With a 360-degree view of all departments, you will be able to manage student, teacher, and school information across multiple campuses with ease.

Higher Education Management made simple

An Ideal Class Management Software

Students are evolving at the pace of changing trends, culture and technology. This means that higher education institutions need to be more engaging, sensitive and informative than ever before. Institutions must make automated, tailored and customised communications and outreach activities to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right networks. Upaya’s USchool provides a one stop solution to all of these needs through school administration platform which facilitates seamless management of higher education and technology solutions. USchools provides administrators with a single sign on, 360-degree view of enrollments, students, teachers, tuition and financials which essentially helps institutes to manage multiple aspects of school administration by taking information from multiple systems and integrating it into single repository. To help you with a clear understanding of this, Upaya Solutions also provides netsuite for education demonstrations.

Student Management

Eliminate the frustration of multiple repositories for viewing important student information by using student attendance tracking ERP platform

Operations Management

Provide better student, parent and teacher-oriented services without breaking the bank

& Correspondence

Automate communications while saving time and money by getting rid of repetitive tasks

USchools Introduction Video

USchools at a Glance

Student Management

Key Features

  • One-Click Student Waitlist Management System
  • Easy to administer school transfer system
  • Standard enrollment forms & templates
  • Customized reports to obtain any student information
  • Tools to create curriculum calendar and recording activities

Operations Management

Key Features

  • Solutions priced reasonably to fit within budget with possible financing options
  • Integration of Accounitng system with School webstore
  • Online promotions along with fundrasing module Online payment processing & reporting
  • Automated vendor invoicing & purchases
  • Customized views to real time financial state, including deep dive to transactional level details subject to proper user authorization / security
  • Customized and flexible accounting system with ability to deliver reports at the level of individual school, center or facility.
  • Automated processing of payments with direct deposits / debits to bank or credit cards

Communications & Correspondence

Key Features

  • Automated school communications customizable by grade, campus and alumni
  • Customizable marketing / email campaigns with automated reporting
  • Realtime single sign on system with consolidated information
  • Online school surveys
  • Online Parent to teacher/School feedback with automated responses

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