Frequently Asked USchool Questions

Our USchools product enables administrators with a single sign on real time 360 view of your enrollments, students, teachers, tuition and financials enabling them to make informed decisions to ensure success. It helps you track alumni and automate communications with your community like newsletters, donation letters etc.

Using Upaya’s solution, you can now make informed decisions and reach out to more prospective students, teachers, families to establish your name in the community.
Upaya’s USchool product is very intuitive and you do not have to be an engineer to understand and navigate it. It has easy to navigate labels and buttons. You can also customize the dashboard to see information relevant only to your job.
USchool can do just that. By embracing the use of automation to improve efficiencies, increase performance and reduce risk, Upaya can help eliminate much of the tedious manual tasks associated with IT maintenance, allowing you to reallocate resources to other, more important projects.
Schools are always looking for better recruitment. USchool system enables staff to effectively identify and target relevant communications to prospective families and students based on submitted information, meaning they can “sell” their school using messaging of interest to each prospective family. Schools can begin their recruitment marketing sooner and can tailor messages as appropriate, increasing interest and engagement. Schools can send out targeted mass marketing email campaigns with a single click.
Upaya’s system will remember the data of a family or student already entered and will automatically appear on additional applications, a great time saver and convenience to prospective families.
Upaya’s USchool solution provides complete and clear visibility throughout your various business processes, giving you a holistic management view as well as the ability to drill down to individual student or transaction detail. With a single sign on and consolidated system your job will be easier and less frustrating as you will be able to replace scores of management tools you currently use, reducing complexity and your budget.