Business Software for Modern Institutions

Modern institutions operating on legacy systems face the inherited uphill battle of remaining profitable. USchools Solution provides the transparency of all school departments for better-informed decision making and financial strategy planning with web-based ERP software. Streamline and customize administrative operations, minimizing operational costs and time restraints.

Effectively manage and control:

  • Student Enrollment, Waitlists, and Relationships
  • Student Programs and Resources
  • Mass Communications

With a 360-degree view of all departments, you will be able to manage student, teacher, and school information across multiple campuses with ease.

All-Encompassing ERP Software for Education

Explore the common pain points and Upaya's solutions.

Student Management

Eliminate the frustration of multiple repositories for viewing important student information

Operations Management

Provide better student, parent and teacher-oriented services without breaking the bank

& Correspondence

Automate communications while saving time and money by getting rid of repetitive tasks

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