"Upaya has used scripting & web-services to extend NetSuite beyond the traditional feature set."

Upaya products are built on rich experience of well qualified IT professionals who are business process analysts, architects and technical consultants. Upaya provides tailor-made/customized software solutions that are cost-effective, user friendly and meets specific business requirements.

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UFinancials Package

Our SEC Financial Report is customizable and rules driven report. Upaya makes it easy by using a Driver & Rules engine based on department or account or a combination.

Expense Allocation

Allocate your expenses to departments. This application lets you setup your allocation percentage and allocates dollars accordingly. Alternatively, you can review the allocation, change the allocation percentage and verify it before posting. Total Flexibility.


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Auto Replenishment

Create Auto Replenishment (Auto Ship) orders. Allow customers to choose the frequency and manage their orders.

Track/Manage/Charge repeat orders with ease. Remind customers for expired credit cards and send advanced shipment notifications.


ATP Lite

Automate order shipment schedules, Setup schedule based on availability, lead time or build time, Connect purchase order receipt dates with sales orders for scheduling, Automate recommit dates and alerts, Automate ship method selection for recommitted orders, Manage exception reporting.


UAmazon Integration

Upaya's NetSuite Amazon Integration allows you Import Amazon Orders and Export Shipping Information. The customer matching rules allow you to associate orders with existing customers and only creates new if match not found.

The Reconciliation package allows you to import payments and reconcile amazon sales, commission and returns.


3PL UIntegration

Upaya offers a complete Supply Chain Management Solution for NetSuite with UPS and CommerceHub.

Push your POs to the 3rd Party for warehouse management and automate acknowledgement, confirmation receipts and creation of vendor invoices.



Upaya's Excel Import Program for Sales and Marketing Team gives you best of NetSuite and Excel. Create Quotes in Excel and Import them to NetSuite with a single click and securely.

Get Orders in Tradeshows and Import them to NetSuite with a single click and securely. Upload Leads from Excel to NetSuite and we will take care of duplicates, invalid emails, bogus data and even rate them.

For FIXED COST and it can be installed on local machine or LAN or HOSTED.


Custom Pricing Engine

Dynamic Price Calculations on Estimates/Sales Orders/Invoices based on customer's purchase history, pricing contracts or support contracts. And how about setting up usage billing.


UConsulting Solution

Upaya's solution enables consulting firms to spend more time on customer projects and less time on manual, repetitive administrative tasks. A 360° view to track project revenue, costing, timelines, and overages. Click here for details.


USchools Solution

Upaya offers seamlessly integrated solution for Schools and Educational Instituites with single repository to manage all aspects.

A 360º view of enrollments, students, teachers, tuition and financials. Click here for details.