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How to Select and Deploy a Cloud-Based ERP without losing your mind (or job)!

Join our Experts in ERP and change management who will share their best practices on how to choose and deploy an ERP system to maximize your investment.

Plus, they outline steps you can take to improve the chances of your employees actually using the software.

Date: 16th,June 2021   Time: 1 PM PDT

Learn Oracle NetSuite by the hand of Upaya's consultants

Presentation and Product Demo by Upaya the Solution and Oracle NetSuite

For CFOs, Controllers and FP&A Managers, it’s common to see your financial planning process slow down after your organization reaches a certain size. If you are still using a 20th century tool such as Excel, you might be facing:

- Difficulty obtaining metrics for critical decision-making
- Inconsistent data collection and cross referencing
- Cumbersome and slow to generate presentation-ready report with accurate data
- Need for better and more effective business intelligence

See how the right system, strategy and software platform can improve your timeline and data accuracy, while delivering a seamless, unified planning and reporting experience for your organization. A 21st century cloud software system for planning and budgeting can provide your company with features include:

- Real-time team collaboration
- Multi-dimensional data modeling
- Dashboard with KPIs and presentation-ready reports
- Integration with ERP and other systems

The robust NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB, aka Oracle Planning Cloud) platform offers immediate value and greater productivity for financial planners, analysts, modelers, and decision-makers across all lines of business within an enterprise. NSPB is designed to scale and perform with flexible and customizable deployment options and virtually no learning curve.

There are many product features in NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, but Upaya can get it set up quickly and effectively:

- Strategic Workforce planning to ensure organizational objectives are met
- Financial Statement Planning for more accuracy and actionable insights
- Predictive Planning to optimize planning with pre-built statistical modeling engine
- Simplify Travel and Expense Planning by keeping strategy aligned with execution using built-in intelligence and analytics
- Streamline Capex Planning by enabling forecasting capital expenses and its impact on financial statements - …and more! Explore how NetSuite and Upaya can transform your organization using NSPB! You will experience benefits include:
- Deliver seamless planning process and management reporting
- Cut down time spent on data validation and clean-up
- Leverage flexibility of cloud system and built-in financial AI
Oracle Cloud EPM solution helps to make better decisions by creating goal-oriented plans without the need of any CAPEX infrastructure investments. PBCS augments productivity value for key stakeholders and decision-makers across all segments within an organization.

We’re Upaya, the solution for successful business transformation. Since 2005, we have been helping companies of all sizes to solve their operational challenges and achieve business efficiency in PBCS and other areas. As ERP consultants, our role is to guide our clients to the right path and we enjoy the commitment, which is why our team members are real life NetSuite users and proudly certified on accounting, multiple software, and project management. If you want to review Upaya's training sessions or if you want to know more info about PBCS consulting services provided by Upaya, please contact at below mentioned details.

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