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Can NetSuite have auto bank reconciliation and generate the transactions automatically after the reconciliation. (similar to quickbooks)?

NetSuite does not automatically reconcile transactions nor does it automatically generate transactions. However, NetSuite has the 'Intelligent Transaction Matching' feature which automatically matches bank statement transaction with NetSuite transactions. You can review those transactions and confirm if they are matched so that they can be reconciled. You can also quickly generate transactions such as journal entry, check, and deposit in the Match Bank Data page via clicking on the 'New Journal Entry', 'New Charge', and 'New Deposit' links.

How to auto-import Bank Statement instead of manual import in NetSuite?

You can use the Bank Feeds SuiteApp (financial institutions in North America) or the Financial Institution Connectivity API to automate your bank statement import.

How do I change GL Accounts on Items in NetSuite?

Yes you can change GL Accounts on item if the Item has not been used in any transaction that is posted. E.g. Invoice or Vendor Bill Or the posted transactions are in Open periods.

Note: Changing GL accounts on item will impact all transactions and financial statement hence caution is advised.

If I change the Revenue Recognition Rule on item record in NetSuite, will it change on Revenue Arrangement and Revenue Plans too?

No. The Revenue Recognition process is triggered by its source transaction (ex. Sales Order, standalone invoice and credit memo).

Can I uncheck 'Direct Revenue Posting' on NetSuite Item record.

Yes if item has no transaction yet. When transaction is created the box will be greyed out. The checkbox can only be edited after deleting the transaction.

Can I still change the Revenue Recognition End Date even if Revenue Plan status is already In Progress in NetSuite?

Yes and the impact of the change depends on which option was selected on the Revenue Recognition Rule:

1. Update Remaining Periods Only - The remaining unrecognized revenue is divided by the total number of months or periods remaining.

2. Update All Periods - The total revenue is divided by the total number of months or periods. Adjustments to catch up or claw back revenue are made in the current period for previously recognized revenue

Can we associate multiple Revenue Recognition Rule on one item record in NetSuite?

No, this is not yet supported in NetSuite but Revenue Recognition rule can be changed on Revenue Arrangement or Revenue Recognition Plan.

In NetSuite, can I exclude an Item or Revenue Element from Revenue Allocation for a specific Revenue Arrangement only?

Yes by performing the following steps:
1. Edit the Revenue Arrangement record
2. Uncheck Compliant box
3. Go to the Item or Revenue Element > change the Allocation Type to Exclude
4. Save
5. Clicked Allocate button

Published a dashboard but it did not reflect on the User/Role in NetSuite

- Check if you are under the same center
- Check if you marked the override existing user's settings
- And make sure that you clicked the Save and Update Content button

Is it true when we enable the Advanced Employee Permissions feature in NetSuite, the Show Employees as Contact is no longer supported?

Yes it's correct. Any employees saved to a contact record do not appear on the Contacts list page, and any information specific to an employee’s contact record is no longer available.

What if we fail to set the Subsidiary Restrictions while customizing the role in NetSuite?

The system will inherit the Subsidiary set in the Employee record

What are the possible ways to restrict a user from accessing a record/transaction in NetSuite?

- Via permission/level
- Via restrictions (Employee/Subsidiary restrictions)
- Via forms (assigning a specific custom forms to certain users)

Is there a way in NetSuite to close periods without going through the Period Close Checklist?

Yes. Use Quick Close preference to close one or more periods with a single click.

How are tax rates updated in NetSuite?

The Use State Sales Tax Tables feature enables you to update existing tax tables in NetSuite.

Note: Changes to tax rates do not have a retroactive effect on transactions. All changes effect only future transactions.

How can I delete the default rules in the Reconciliation Matching Rules page in NetSuite?

The default rules cannot be deleted. However, you can set them to inactive instead.

How do you provide access to Inventory Report to a user in NetSuite?

For reports such as “Inventory Valuation” you can load the report, hit customize, then under the “More Options” tab, select an audience that can view the report.

Administration and Setup

When to click "Allow Override" for Auto Generated Numbers in NetSuite?

If you want to keep your existing numbering from your legacy system, this setting will bring in your current system's Customer ID into NetSuite

When to click "Update" on Auto Generated Number pages in NetSuite?

This action will update order number record that is not previously numbered in NetSuite

When to check "Store Value" checkbox in NetSuite?

By default, the Store Value option is checked so that custom field values are stored in NetSuite account. Clear the box to indicate that any changes entered not be stored in the custom field. If you do not store the value, changes will be discarded, so you may want to make the field read-only

When to use "Validation & Defaulting" in NetSuite?

Using ‘Validation & Defaulting’, a field can be made mandatory by checking the ‘Mandatory’ checkbox. We can also enable spelling check for the entered field data by checking the 'Check Spelling’ checkbox under the ‘Validation & Defaulting’ tab.
There is an option to assign a default value for this custom field. We can add a value or a formula in the ‘Default Value’ field to assign a default value for this custom field.

When to use new transaction column field in NetSuite Records?

It's only apply to the columns of the "Items" tab (except options column) on a transaction

When to use new item option in NetSuite?

Example would be selling T Shirts in multiple colors and sizes.

What information in the subsidiary record can not be changed after you save the subsidiary record in NetSuite?

The fields that can not be changed after we save the subsidiary record are:
- Subsubsidiary of
- Elimination
- Currency
- Edition
- Country

What is a NetSuite RESTlet API?

A RESTlet is a SuiteScript that you make available for other applications to call, either from an external application or from within NetSuite. When an application or another script calls a RESTlet, the RESTlet script executes and, in some cases, returns a value to the calling application.

RESTlets can be useful when you want to bring data from another system into NetSuite, or if you want to extract data from NetSuite. RESTlets can also be used, in combination with other scripts, to customize the behavior of a page within NetSuite.

How do I override Invoice Number in NetSuite?

Go to Setup -> Company -> Auto-generated Numbers. Under the Document Numbers subtab, go to Invoice and check the 'Allow Override' checkbox.

Please note that allowing override may result in same document number being used when multiple users save the document at the same time.

How to have SOAP Web Services Preferences show up in NetSuite?

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud > Check SOAP WEB SERVICES

Is it possible to change Subsidiary Hierarchy in NetSuite after it has been setup?

NetSuite allows you to change the hierarchy. This feature needs to be enabled by NetSuite Support hence you need to file a support ticket.

The feature is first enabled in sandbox for you to validate the changes and impact. On your confirmation, the support enables the feature in production.

How do I pick Spanish or any other language that NetSuite shows when I sign in to my account?

With the Multi-Language feature, you can choose the language in which NetSuite displays whenever you log in to your account.

This preference is available only if an account administrator has enabled the Multi-Language feature at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features, on the Company subtab.

I need additional classification other than Department, Class and Location NetSuite provides. Is it possible in NetSuite to add more GL segments or classification?

NetSuite can have any number of GL Segments.

To add additional segments:
Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Custom Segments >New

When you create a custom segment, you can choose a label for the segment, define its values, and configure other settings. Of the available fields, only Label is required for the segment to be saved.

QuickBooks vs NetSuite - Which is Right for you?

NetSuite has set the standard for accurate, synchronized data streams throughout your entire business—including inventory management, accounting, fulfillment and shipping, project management, and workflows.
QuickBooks provides bookkeeping software; any other solutions will need to be integrated.

Why does the Customer ID has combination of number and name in NetSuite?

If the Auto-Generated numbers is turned on for customer record, Customer Id is a combination of the number and the name. This enables the users to search on customer record by either name or number.

What happens when the field type of a custom field is changed in NetSuite?

Changing the custom field type will delete all data in existing records except these scenarios:
- Changing a list/record type to multiple select type
- Text type to Long Text type

Is the default Deletion Reason List (“Original Document Damaged” and “Other”) in NetSuite accounts editable?

Yes. Users with access to the Accounting Lists page can edit these deletion reasons. Go to Accounting > Setup> Accounting> Filter Transaction Deletion Reason

How to deal with forgotten security questions in NetSuite?

1. You have six attempts to answer the questions, try the most likely answers you would have given.
2. If the first attempt does not succeed, try again. Keep trying the most logical answers to your security questions
3. If you cannot reset your own password, and cannot remember your answers to security questions:
a. Update your security questions when you are already logged in to NetSuite.
b. Ask your account administrator to reset your password. If your account administrator resets your password, your existing security questions and answers are erased. After your password is reset, you must set up new security questions and answers. If you or your account administrator cannot reset your password, your account administrator can contact Support for assistance.
c. Ask your account administrator to designate your role as a two-factor authentication (2FA) required role. Roles that are designated as requiring 2FA are never asked security questions.

Can I access NetSuite production and sandbox accounts simultaneously?

Yes. This procedure describes accessing a sandbox account, but also applies to accessing other account types (Release Preview or development accounts, for example).

1. Open your browser and log in to your NetSuite production account.

2. From the Change Role list, select a role in your sandbox account, right-click, and select open in a different tab. (The wording varies slightly depending on the browser you are using.)

3. Click the first tab, the tab with your production account role.

4. Click Login and log in to NetSuite again.
Now both accounts have active sessions: one tab with your production account role, and one tab with your sandbox role.

What does the Delete All Data action do in NetSuite?

It will permanently delete all data and resets the account into a blank shell. This action is irreversible and will not allow for restoring of data afterwards.

What does the NetSuite Billing Information page show?

It contains product subscription information including billing components, add-on modules, provisioning history and component usage.

What are the tools available for use in case of data integrity challenges in NetSuite?

Duplicate Detection and Merge, Mass Updates and Inline Editing

How to create a Transaction (Invoice, Cash, Sale etc.) body field in NetSuite?

To create transaction body field navigate To-: Customisation>Transaction Body Field> New
Enter a value in the field Label (Name display in your Transaction), Select Field Type (Check Box, List/Record, Date, etc.), check the checkbox Applies To (Sale, Purchase, Journal, etc.) and click on save.

How to setup Auto Generated Numbers in NetSuite?

NetSuite allows enabling of auto-generated numbering for many record types, including many types of transactions, so that records are numbered automatically in the order they are created.
To set up Auto-Generated Numbers: Navigate to the Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers

What is SuitePeople?

SuitePeople is Human Resources offering natively built on the NetSuite unified cloud suite.
SuitePeople empowers managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single Suite.

What data is not copied from a NetSuite production account to a sandbox during sandbox refresh?

- Domains of websites and web stores
- System notes of records
- Two-factor authentication (2FA) settings
- Token-Based Authentication

How to reset NetSuite 2FA settings?

- Find the Settings section on Home page.
- Click Reset 2FA Settings.
- On the Reset 2FA Settings page, enter your NetSuite password. We also need to enter a verification code or backup code.
- Click Reset.

NetSuite Release

How to automate the upload of bank and credit card data directly from financial institution accounts into NetSuite?

The Bank Feeds SuiteApp provides the ability to automate the upload of your bank and credit card data directly from your financial institution accounts into NetSuite. It utilizes the latest financial institution connectivity plug-in and uses a third-party data aggregation service to access online financial institution websites.

Why can I no longer see the 'Confirm Transaction Matches' page in NetSuite?

In 2020.1 release, the Confirm Transaction Matches page has been renamed to 'Match Bank Data'. You can access it via navigating to Transactions > Bank > Match Bank Data.

How can I remove the imported bank transactions that I will no longer reconcile in NetSuite?

You need to mark the imported bank transaction that you will no longer reconcile and then click the 'Exclude' button.

In NetSuite, I have erroneously marked my imported bank transaction as excluded. How can I retrieve the imported bank transaction so that I can match and reconcile it?

In the Match Bank Data page, go to the 'Excluded' subtab, mark the excluded transaction and then click the 'Restore' button. You will now see the imported bank data in the 'To be Matched' subtab.

How can I install the Bank Feeds SuiteApp in NetSuite?

The Bank Feeds SuiteApp is available in the SuiteApp Marketplace. You would need to navigate to Customization > SuiteCloud Development > SuiteApp Marketplace. Type 'Bank Feeds' in the search app field, click the Bank Feeds app, and then click Install.

Can we use the Bank Feeds SuiteApp for our banks account outside US in NetSuite?

The Bank Feeds SuiteApp supports North American (US and Canada) banks and financial institutions only. See SuiteAnswer ID 90911 for the list of supported financial institutions. You can use the Financial Institution Connectivity API for those bank accounts that are not supported by the Bank Feeds SuiteApp.

How often does the Bank Feeds SuiteApp import bank statement data?

The Bank Feeds SuiteApp automatically imports your bank statement data daily between 5:00AM - 8:00 AM PST.

Why is the 'Import Online Banking Data' page missing in NetSuite?

In 2020.1 release, the Import Online Banking Data page has been renamed to 'Upload File'. You can access it via navigating to Transactions > Bank > Upload File.

Where can I find the details of NetSuite's New Release

You can refer to the following document:

- NetSuite 2020.2: https://www.upayasolution.com/NetSuiteReleaseNotes_2020.2.0.pdf

Data Migration

How to import lead records with multiple contacts via CSV Import in NetSuite?

In the CSV file list each contact in separate rows. It is very important to include an External ID as this will serve as a reference key to ensure that the Contacts belong to the same Company.

Use Import Type=Relationships;
Record Type=Leads and Contacts Together

How to import special Characters in NetSuite? E.g. "sécurisation", "Médias"?

Open the Data CSV file and use Excel function function "Clean". It will remove any special or hidden characters.

For Vendor/Customer import in NetSuite, what to do if the vendor/customer has more than one email address?

Usually you will use A/P pr A/R email address in this field. Confirm the email address and build rest of the emails in the contact section.

For customer/vendor import in NetSuite, should we remove the inactive customers/vendors records before the import during the Data Migration?

Depends on how many years of transactions the client wants to move over to NetSuite. If we remove the inactive customers/vendors, we might not able to import all aged transactions later.

What should we do if some customer entities in NetSuite also act as vendors in the company.

You can build the customer and vendor as one entity, only If the entity tied to one subsidiary. Otherwise add suffix to the name and build separately.

For customer csv import in NetSuite, what should we use for the "Addressee" field?

You should always map to the Customer name. Otherwise the invoice/Label does not print the customer name when the documents are created.

What is the recommended order for importing data into NetSuite?

The following order is recommended for data imports:

1. Chart of Accounts
Note that you should enter opening balances as journal entries on “go live”, using the specialized journal entry import process.

2. Classifications
Departments, Classes, Locations

3. Entities
Employees, Vendors, Partners, Customers (including Leads, Prospects, and Customers), Contacts

4. Items
Assembly/BOM Item, Lot Numbered Assembly/BOM Item, Serialized Assembly/BOM Item, Inventory Item, Lot Numbered Inventory Item, Serialized Inventory Item, Kit/Package Item, Non-Inventory Item for Sale, Non-Inventory Item for Resale, Non-Inventory Item for Purchase, Service Item for Sale, Service Item for Resale, Service Item for Purchase, Other Charge Item for Sale, Other Charge Item for Resale, Other Charge Item for Purchase - supported by Import Assistant

5. CRM Records
Notes, Issues, Solutions, Topics, Cases, Events, CRM Tasks, Messages

6. Transactions
Cash Sales, Customer Payments, Estimates, Invoices, Opportunities, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Vendor Bills, Vendor Payments,
Credit Memos, Return Authorizations - not yet supported, need another method

How to migrate customization from Sandbox to Production in NetSuite?

Use the SuiteBundler to move your saved searches, custom lists and custom fields from Sandbox to Production.

In NetSuite, when we update invoices, can we use other reference ID other than internal ID or external ID?

If there is no duplicate Invoice number, you can run a workflow/script to make external ID = Invoice number.

Order to Cash

What is the difference between an Invoice and a Statement in NetSuite?

- An Invoice received from a supplier shows the items purchased, the cost per unit, the total cost or extension of each item, the total of all the items listed on the invoice, the terms of the sale, etc.
- A statement from a supplier lists the amounts from past Invoices that the customer has not paid.

How do I auto-create a Task from a Sales Order in NetSuite to remind our finance team to verify customer credit?

You can use a Workflow or a User Event Suitescript to create a Task after the Sales Order is saved.

Don't forget to set the "Assigned To" field in the Task.

Is NetSuite capable of dunning?

Yes, the NetSuite Dunning module allows for automated tracking of overdue invoices and sending of dunning letters to demand payment

How many dunning templates are available within the NetSuite standard dunning module?

The standard NetSuite dunning module comes with three default dunning templates. If there is a need to add more, a custom dunning template can be created.

Can we implement demand planning from the start of a new implementation in NetSuite?

Yes but ideally demand planning is a phase two implementation. In order to use the full features of the module it will require historical demand data.

How to Generate Customer Statements in NetSuite?

Go To Transaction> Customer > Generate Customer Statements

Can NetSuite handle consignment transactions?

Yes, NetSuite has the Consignment Stock Management SuiteApp used to manage inventory that is in the possession of the customer or retailer but still owned by the supplier.

In NetSuite, Is there a way to look at the history of every Item's Standard Cost ?

The best way is to create a saved search of the Inventory Cost Revaluation (ICR) transaction made for the item. The last ICR record should reflect the Current Standard Cost of the item.

I created a Sales Order in NetSuite and billed the same days ago. Today, it seems that the Invoice is not linked to the SO anymore and the SO is now set to Pending Billing. What could be the reason for this?

When an Invoice line item is edited and has impacted the GL Impact of the transaction, the invoice will be DELINKED to the Sales Order. Common line item changes that could delink it from an SO are, but not limited to:
a. Reducing/Increasing the Quantity or Amount
b. Splitting the Quantity into multiple lines
c. Adding/Changing a Project into the line level
d. Removing an item line and adding it back again (even if there is no change made)
e. Changing the Location

In NetSuite, once an Invoice is delinked from an SO, is there a way to restore this link?

No. There is no way to restore the link between an Invoice and SO once severed. This is currently tagged as a NetSuite Enhancement

In NetSuite, After rolling up the Standard Cost of an assembly item, it seems that the conversion cost was calculated incorrectly. Why did this happen?

There are several reasons for the incorrect calculation of conversion cost. Some of the reasons are:
> There are several Manufacturing Routing records and no default routing selected. If this is the case, then NetSuite uses the first routing created as the default routing to calculate the assembly cost.
> You may also review Inactive routing to ensure that the conversion cost calculation is not skewed by inactive routings.

Procure to Pay

I created an Item Receipt in NetSuite for a Non-Inventory Item and it has no GL Impact. What could be the reason for this?

On the Item Record, go to Preferences tab then check if Generate Accruals is set to False. If so, then the GL Impact will be reflected once billed. Here is the GL Impact for this preference:
GL Impact if Generate Accruals = True
> Item Receipt
Dr Expense Account
Cr Inventory Received Not Billed

> Bill
Dr Inventory Received Not Billed
Cr Accounts Payable

GL Impact if Generate Accruals = False
> Item Receipt
No GL Impact

> Bill
Dr Expense Account
Cr Accounts Payable

Tips and Tricks

How can we narrow down global search to specific object in NetSuite?

You need to use the first few letters of the record type name as a prefix, enough to be unique so that other record types are excluded. E.g. use "cus:"to only search for customers

How to use wildcards in search criteria in NetSuite saved searches?

Wildcards must be used with the LIKE operator

Wildcard characters and its description:

"%" is a substitute for zero or more characters

"_" is a substitute for a single character

How do I search for inactive records in NetSuite global search?

This is a User preference and you can change it by going to Home -> Set Preferences.

In the Analytics tab, look for "INCLUDE INACTIVES IN GLOBAL & QUICK SEARCH". If this is checked then Global search will also bring up inactive records.

I am looking for reports training for NetSuite. Where can I find online Trainings?

Upaya conducts online trainings and you can visit our website to see the currently schedule trainings or request any training under the Additional trainings section.


I only see 50 records at a time in the NetSuite lists. How can I make it 200?

This is a User preference and you can change it by going to Home -> Set Preferences.

In the General tab, look for "NUMBER OF ROWS IN LIST SEGMENTS", set this 200.

What are Keyboard shortcuts in NetSuite?

- p for the end of the current period
- t for today's date
- y for yesterday's date
- m for the last day of the month

How can I view the internal ID for a NetSuite field?

Go to Home > Set Preferences. The General subtab is displayed by default.

In the Defaults section, click Show Internal IDs.

Why is my bank account missing in the Match Bank Data and Reconcile Account Statement account drop down list in NetSuite?

Check the account record and ensure that the Use Match Bank Data And Reconcile Account Statement Pages checkbox is marked.

How to differentiate between NetSuite production and sandbox accounts?

To differentiate between account types, administrators can change the name of each account to include the type.
To change the name of account: Navigate to-
Setup > Company > Company Information and changing the Company Name.
Users can go to the Set Preferences page and color code their accounts by changing the Color Theme under Appearance.

How to enable Inline Editing feature in NetSuite?

The Inline Editing feature of NetSuite allows you to edit records directly from the lists or search results, so that you can change fields value without opening individual records.
Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features
Company Tab-> under Data Management, check the Inline Editing box.

How to show System Notes on custom record in NetSuite?

- Navigate to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Record Types
- Click the Custom Record to be edited
- Check the Show Notes checkbox
- Click Save

How to set Classic View Interface as User Preference, and how to set Classic View Interface as User's Role in NetSuite?

To set Classic View Interface as User Preference:
- Go to Home> Set Preference> Appearance tab
- Under Centers & Dashboards, Mark the Use Classic Interface as Checked

To set Classic View Interface as User's Role:
- Log in as Administrator
- Go to Setup> Users/Roles> Manage Roles
- Select and Edit the Role you want to change
- Go to the Preferences tab
- On the Preference dropdown, select Use Classic Interface and mark it as checked then click Set.
- Click Save

How to update NetSuite security questions and answers?

- Find the Settings portlet on the Home page
- Click Update Security Questions.
- In the Question 1, Question 2 and Question 3 fields, select questions for which you can remember the answers.
- In the Answer 1, Answer 2, and Answer 3 fields, enter the answers to each question you selected. You must answer all three questions.
- Save

How to rename Standard Records and Transactions in NetSuite?

- Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Rename Records/Transactions (Administrator).
- On the Rename Records/Transactions page, the default names for records are auto filled in the fields.
- In the fields at the top half of the page, edit the names of relationship records to better suit your company.
- When you have finished renaming records, transactions, and accounts, click Save.

Reports and Saved Searches

How to show a revenue report by states within US in NetSuite?

Solution 1- Go to Sales by Customer report and add states as a new column, then you need to download the report and create pivot table?
Solution 2- Create Saved Search.

How to have all bank accounts showing in bank register report in NetSuite?

- Customize Bank Register report
- Add Long Name in Account Type Folder
- Select Bank value
- The report will show all bank accounts

When I saved my search in NetSuite I am getting division by zero error? I am using a formula to calculate discount percentage on sales order = {price}/{custcol_list_price}?

The reason you are getting the error is because your data set has custcol_list_price with value 0. In order to handle division by zero, change your formula to {price}/NULLIF({custcol_list_price},0).

The NULLIF function sets the value of zero custcol_list_price to NULL

How to locate deleted transaction in NetSuite?

To see if there is any deleted transaction, perform the View Audit Trail function found under Transactions > Management by filtering the results for deleted transactions. Unfortunately, for deleted transactions, the audit stops at a certain point since users cannot drilldown on the entry.

Does NetSuite support 1099–MISC form?

NetSuite does not support 1099–MISC forms. Instead, NetSuite provides customized saved searches to help you report 1099–MISC vendor payments to other providers, such as Yearli by Greatland, Sovos, and Track 1099.

How can I run an Income Statement in NetSuite for a Date Range from Jan 1 to Jan 15? I only see option to run the financial reports by periods.

The financial statements by default are set to run for a period or a range of periods.

This is a User preference and you can change it by going to Home -> Set Preferences.

In the Analytics tab, look for "REPORT BY PERIOD", set this to "Never". Now you will be able to run all financial reports by date range.

In NetSuite, when I send an Invoice by email, the attachment by default goes as HTML. How can I change my default to PDF?

This is a User preference and you can change it by going to Home -> Set Preferences.

In the Transactions tab, look for "TRANSACTION EMAIL ATTACHMENT FORMAT", and select PDF.

Now all email attachment for transactions and statement by default will be PDF.

Why is there no 'Statement Date' filter in my Reconciliation Summary Report in NetSuite?

The 'Statement Date' filter will not have any date if you have not yet completed your reconciliation for your bank account. Once, you have saved and reconciled your bank account, the 'Statement Date' filter should be available.

In NetSuite, Is there any way to get a work order completion number from a Transaction type saved search looking at type:work orders ?

If you are searching on the work order, you need to get the Applying Link Type = Work Order Build and Applying Transaction would give you the Work Order Completion number.

Does NetSuite have any function that would be able to join Saved Search tables (i.e. JOIN Sales Order, Return Authorization ON PO #)?

Saved searches are limited to one level of join. If you need multiple levels you can use scripting to achieve multiple joins by retrieving datasets using separate saved searches and merging those using common fields.

How do I search for only specific customers in NetSuite?

If you are doing a transaction search, you would add a name filter, which presents a list of entities that you can pick from. You can pick multiple selections for multiple customers.

How to find all transactions Associated with a customer in NetSuite saved search?

In the customer record go to Transactions tab.

You can also create a Transaction search and use the “Name” filter (it is equivalent to ‘Entity’) to see all transactions.

How do I summarize data in a NetSuite saved search?

If you don’t want the data from the various line item fields to appear at all, then you need to add filtering to get rid of them properly, such as adding Main Line = True.

If you want to group the lines, then you need an operation for every column you want to see. For example, it you are returning, from each line item, the fields Item, Quantity and Amount, then how do you want to group these, since all lines have different values? Once you have have figured out what you want to do, select the proper operator on each line.

Does NetSuite saved search supoort substring?

Yes, It works with SUBSTR({fieldname}) on a custom field.

Is there a way to Export a Saved Search as CSV with Aliases for Column Headers in NetSuite?

Yes, try adding “custom label” field found in the saved search’s “Results > Columns (subtab)”

How can I access the Back Order Quantity on sales order lines for saved searches in NetSuite?

You can use this formula here:


How to create a saved search to obtain Parent and Child Customers in NetSuite?

We can go to Results tab, add a new row and scroll to the bottom of the list where we will see the related records, one of those it’s “Parent Customer …”

Roles and Permissions

What are the best practices for NetSuite User Roles?

- Use NetSuite Roles as templates
- Rename custom roles with your company's prefix
- Give users permissions to create or edit on records
- Test the role before training and assigning to a user
- Verify access to the necessary data from beginning to end of the process
- Set up an organization chart before entering employees
- When an employee leaves, immediately revoke access
- Do not rename a former employee to a new one

What are the possible ways to restrict a user from accessing a record/transaction in NetSuite?

- Via permission/level
- Via restrictions (Employee/Subsidiary restrictions)
- Via forms (assigning a specific custom forms to certain users)

Published a dashboard in NetSuite but it did not reflect on the User/Role

- Check if you are under the same center
- Check if you marked the override existing user's settings
- And make sure that you clicked the Save and Update Content button

Is it true that when you enable the Advanced Employee Permissions feature in NetSuite, the Show Employees as Contact is not supported?

Yes it's correct. Any employees saved to a contact record do not appear on the Contacts list page, and any information specific to an employee’s contact record is no longer accessible.

What is the difference between the Sales Center and Enhanced Sales Center in NetSuite?

- 1st, the ESC is from a bundle and not part of the Standard NS Centers
- 2nd, all roles created in the ESC are locked but you can customize them when you create copies that you can edit

I do not see some permissions when I tried customizing a role in NetSuite. What should I do?

- For permissions that are missing/not available. Check if this has been enabled in your account. A good example of this - Class/Departments and Locations

I assigned a Sales Rep role to an employee in NetSuite but I do not see their names when I tried assigning them to one of our customers?

- We may have assigned the appropriate role (Sales Rep) for this user but keep in mind that we would need to go to the:
- Employee record, Edit > Human Resources tab > look for the Sales Role field

Using the Sales Admin role, can I publish a dashbaord to an AP Clerk rolee in NetSuite?

No. You must be under the same center before you can puiblish a dashbaord.

When to use the NetSuite Global Permissions Feature?

If Custom XX Role is assigned to multiple users and you want to have one or two users to have different permission.

E.g. A User has AP Clerk role which does not permission to approve Journal entries. But one specific user needs to approve Journal entries then you can assign Global permission to the user to Approve Journal entries.

1. Enable the Global Permission feature
2. Edit the employee records and assign the appropriate permission under Global Permissions.

Note: Global Permissions only applies to Employee record

Published a dashboard but it did not reflect on the User/Role in NetSuite

- Check if you are under the same center
- Check if you marked the override existing user's settings
- And make sure that you clicked the Save and Update Content button

Is it true when we enable the Advanced Employee Permissions feature in NetSuite, the Show Employees as Contact is no longer supported?

Yes it's correct. Any employees saved to a contact record do not appear on the Contacts list page, and any information specific to an employee’s contact record is no longer available.

What if we fail to set the Subsidiary Restrictions while customizing the role in NetSuite?

The system will inherit the Subsidiary set in the Employee record

What are the possible ways to restrict a user from accessing a record/transaction in NetSuite?

- Via permission/level
- Via restrictions (Employee/Subsidiary restrictions)
- Via forms (assigning a specific custom forms to certain users)

Does NetSuite software offer role-based views for dashboards?

Yes, NetSuite software offers role-based views for the dashboard when they are logged into the system.

How to remove the Two-Factor Authentication for NetSuite Sandbox?

It's not possible for Administrator and some others Roles. We can trust the device for 30 days to avoid having to enter a code each time.


What is the difference between Auto Sync and Export in NetSuite?

The daily sync just ensures that all information is synced between NetSuite and Expensify. For example, if you add a category or department, Auto Sync will make sure this gets imported into Expensify.
Exporting a report can be done manually any time and will only be done automatically if you have Auto Sync enabled and the report is final approved and/or reimbursed.

Is it a 2 way match integration for Employee record between Expensify and NetSuite?

It depends on the configure options you enabled.
You can enable "employee sync and Import NetSuite employee records and invite them to this policy" You can also enable the "auto create employee" feature so that Expensify will automatically create an employee in NetSuite

What is the recommended testing approach for NetSuite and Bill.com integration?

Currently Bill.com cannot be integrated with the NetSuite sandbox. For testing, Bill.com can provide a test account which can be connected to a test subsidiary in a NetSuite production account prior to go live.

What is the recommended testing approach for NetSuite and Expensify integration?

Currently Expensify cannot be integrated with the NetSuite sandbox. For testing, a test policy can be created in Expensify which can be connected to a test subsidiary in a NetSuite production account prior to go live.

Reports from Expensify exporting as Pending Approval rather than Approved for posting in NetSuite?

If you do not require supervisor approval or accounting approval after report export to NetSuite, go to Expensify>Configure>Advanced>Set expense report approval level to "Supervisor and Accounting Approved"

Which transaction information can only be synced from Bill.com to NetSuite (one way sync)?

1.Partially or fully paid bills.
2.AP Bill Payment.
3.Partially or Fully applied vendor credits

Dose Bill.com allow classifications on payments or funds transfers in NetSuite?

No, classification is allowed on bills but not on bill payments and fund transfers.

NetSuite Migration Tips

1.Setting up NetSuite so that the Vendor ID and Vendor Name are the same
2.The COA: Bill.com advise on making sure that the COA is updated in Bill.com prior to the migration so that these lists match up correctly. This can be done via the Import/Export tool in Bill.com.
3.Dimensions (Classes, Departments, and Locations): Bill.com advise on making sure that the Dimensions are updated in Bill.com prior to the migration so that these lists match up correctly. This can be done via the Import/Export tool in Bill.com.
4.Historical transactions :Sync Start Date determines when transactions in both Bill.com and NetSuite will be synced. Transactions has been synced to the old Software it cannot be re-synced to the new NetSuite account.
5.Unpaid Bills before sync start date: need to be manually recorded in Oracle NetSuite. We recommend paying as many bills as possible prior to the migration

Can Expensify export negative expenses to NetSuite?

You can export negative expenses to NetSuite successfully as long as the total of the report itself is positive. Expense Reports, Vendor Bills, and Journal Entries all require a positive report total in order to export.

What happened when the Expensify sync report showing "ExpensiError NS0023: Employee Does Not Exist in NetSuite"?

You need to make sure your employee's subsidiary matches the subsidiary in the Expensify policy, go to the employee record in NetSuite and confirm this field

How to make sure employee created in Expensify can sync to NetSuite

Edit Expensify Integration role > Permission > List > Employees > Full


Can User Event Scripts trigger another User Event Script in NetSuite?

No, User Event Scripts can't trigger another User Event Script. We can execute a user event script from a call within a Scheduled Script, or a Suitelet.

What is NetSuite SuiteScript Governance?

To optimize application performance, NetSuite has implemented a SuiteScript governance model based on usage units. If the number of allowable units is exceeded, the script is terminated.

Can a workflow execute SuiteScript in NetSuite?

Yes. Create a workflow action script and then use a custom action to call the workflow action script.

How to hide sublist fields in beforeload in SuiteScript 2.0 of current record in NetSuite ?

Use scriptContext.form to access the serverWidget.Form,
>get the serverWidget.Sublist,
>get the serverWidget.Field.
>then you can use updateDisplayType on the Field.


var itemField = form.getSublist({

id: 'recmachcustrecord_rent_rod_delivery_note'


id: 'custrecord_fieldtobehide'


displayType: serverWidget.FieldDisplayType.HIDDEN


How can we validate if type is create in client script "on save" event in NetSuite?

Get the internal id of the record. if it's not null then it's create type.

What is the recordmode dynamic in NetSuite suite script?

You can use recordmode dynamic if you create,copy,load or transform the record by script.

If you set the recordmode dynamic, the record’s body fields and sublist line items are sourced, calculated, and validated in real time. It matters the order in which you set field value.

If you do not set recordmode dynamic, it does not matter the order you set the values. Once the record is submitted, NetSuite processes the record’s body fields and sublist line items in the correct order.

How to prevent user event script on CSV import in NetSuite?

Go to the: Setup > Import/Export > CSV Import Preferences and disable the checkbox "Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows".

How to set the execution order of scripts deployed on a record in NetSuite?

Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripted Records
Select the record type and set the script order according to the requirement.

NetSuite License

What is included in the NetSuite price?

All hosting, upgrades and maintenance costs are included in the subscription.

How many customers does NetSuite and Upaya have?

Currently NetSuite is the software of choice for about 40,0000 organizations while Upaya has successfully assisted over 600 organizations.

Is there a limit on the number of NetSuite users I can have?

No. NetSuite is a totally scalable solution which supports any number of users from one to thousands. Our customers range from 2 user companies to Google.

Is NetSuite a hosted (On Demand) service?

Yes. NetSuite is a hosted (On Demand) subscription based service provided via the internet.

How long do I sign up for NetSuite?

Your NetSuite contract is for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of five years.

Who will provide NetSuite support?

NetSuite offers various options. In addition, Upaya offers 1 month Free business support to all implementation customers and flexible monthly support or block support options. For more details please see our Services page.

What are the benefits of a multi-year contract in NetSuite?

With a multi-year contract, you are able to lock prices in for up to three or five years.

Where will my NetSuite data be stored?

Your NetSuite data will be stored in one of leading collocation facilities in the United States and Europe. These facilities are earthquake and have fire protection, along with heating, cooling and backup power.

Does NetSuite provide security to restrict viewing of reports and screens based on the user?

Yes. NetSuite provides role and permission based security that allows administrators to control visibility, actions and/or data.

Does NetSuite provide Audit Trail functionality?

Yes. The Audit Trail lists all the accounting entries for each transaction. It lets you verify information, track changes and search for errors or suspicious activity in your financial accounts.

How can Upaya save me time and money?

Upaya is a One Stop shop for all NetSuite needs. We are resellers of NetSuite license and offer host of services from IT strategy, implementation, support, training, or customization. Our proven track record of success will help you to add efficiency and increase your profit margins

Which product or service should we use?

There are many NetSuite modules to choose from. Many variables are involved in making the decision. For example, Industry, Size of company, No. of Employees, Functionality needed etc.


Why is USchools the best product for my school?

Our USchools product enables administrators with a single sign on real time 360 view of your enrollments, students, teachers, tuition and financials enabling them to make informed decisions to ensure success. It helps you track alumni and automate communications with your community like newsletters, donation letters etc.

Using Upaya’s solution, you can now make informed decisions and reach out to more prospective students, teachers, families to establish your name in the community.

My software looks very complex and difficult to navigate, how can Upaya make it easy to understand and navigate?

Upaya’s USchools product is very intuitive and you do not have to be an engineer to understand and navigate it. It has easy to navigate labels and buttons. You can also customize the dashboard to see information relevant only to your job.

Is doing more with less even possible with USchools product?

USchools can do just that. By embracing the use of automation to improve efficiencies, increase performance and reduce risk, Upaya can help eliminate much of the tedious manual tasks associated with IT maintenance, allowing you to reallocate resources to other, more important projects.

How can USchools help improve our recruiting and marketing efforts?

Schools are always looking for better recruitment. USchools system enables staff to effectively identify and target relevant communications to prospective families and students based on submitted information, meaning they can “sell” their school using messaging of interest to each prospective family. Schools can begin their recruitment marketing sooner and can tailor messages as appropriate, increasing interest and engagement. Schools can send out targeted mass marketing email campaigns with a single click.

How can I avoid the problem of data duplication?

Upaya’s system will remember the data of a family or student already entered and will automatically appear on additional applications, a great time saver and convenience to prospective families.

How can your solution make my job less frustrating?

Upaya’s USchools solution provides complete and clear visibility throughout your various business processes, giving you a holistic management view as well as the ability to drill down to individual student or transaction detail. With a single sign on and consolidated system your job will be easier and less frustrating as you will be able to replace scores of management tools you currently use, reducing complexity and your budget.

Workday Adaptive Planning

When you enter a value in the year column you are given several choices on how to distribute that value. What is the difference between Breakback proportionally and Breakback evenly?

Breakback proportionally will spread the value entered over the rollup components proportional to the values currently in those periods. Breakback evenly will spread the value entered in the time rollup evenly across the periods. Breakback proportionally will only be different than Breakback evenly when there are existing values in the time rollup.

Why is my actual data not displaying in my planning version for the month that I expect?

There are two settings that will determine the month that Actuals data comes through in a plan version. These are the Completed Values Through setting (in the Actuals Version) and the Start of Plan setting (in the Plan Version).

1. The Completed Values Through setting in the Actuals version.
Please navigate to Modeling>Model Management>Versions and click on the "Actuals" version. This will determine what time periods in the Actuals version are allowed to be picked up in any plan version. If the "Completed Values Through" setting is set to April for the current year, no plan version will be able to show actuals data past April, even if May data has been loaded in the Actuals version.

2. The Start of Plan setting in the Plan version.
Please navigate to Modeling>Model Management>Versions, this time click on the relevant Plan version. This setting will determine the first period that will show Plan data. Any time periods before this setting will show the Actuals version, as long as the Completed Values Through setting is properly showing. Note that moving the Start of Plan forward will not erase plan data, but will simply allow actuals data to be overlaid on top of it.

Why are my accounts not converting correctly?

Please check if you have entered the Exchange rates correctly for the time period in question and that the rate for (Eg. EUR/USD) is not set to 1 or 0.

Also, please make sure that the Data Type-> Display As in an Account is set to "Currency" instead of "Number".

We bought OfficeConnect but my Adaptive username and password are not working. I receive an error message saying "User does not have access to OfficeConnect when I entered my credentials. Why am I not able to login?

If Adaptive OfficeConnect has been turned on in your instance, a user will need to be assigned a role that includes the "Access OfficeConnect" permission before he or she will be able to log into OfficeConnect. Please contact your Administrator.

The following steps shows how to add the Access OfficeConnect permission to a role.

1. Go to Administration > Roles and Permissions
2. Click Edit next to the Role you wish to edit
3. Tick the box next to "Access OfficeConnect"

I have three segments on a report each with its own period as a parameter, Current Month, YTD current year and prior year. Is there a way to set up the report so that when I change one parameter to the current month to have the other two segments update automatically?

Other segments in a report can be automatically updated by linking together its time parameters. You may link any time element except for Timespan elements to a single Period parameter.

Please drag the first time element to the parameter bar. Next is to drag the other two time elements on top of it. Once this has been done, if you right-click on the Period parameter and select Properties, you will see the connection between the three elements.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

What is Predictive Planning functionality in PBCS and how can this help in forecasting?

Predictive Planning in NSPB is a functionality that allows users to optimize their planning and forecasting estimates via a rigorous, pre-built statistical modeling engine. This will collect historical data, match it to one of several industry-standard statistical models, and generate a dashboard offering predictions for future results. Within this dashboard, users can compare their submitted data with the predicted data, review the data sets for accuracy, and, when appropriate, apply the predicted values directly into their plan and/or forecast. Predictive Planning is automatically enabled on any web form subject to a few specific restrictions around the design of the web form. This functionality is also available as a SmartView add-in.

How do exchange rates work in PBCS and do you have any integration for this?

We have an exchange rates form in PBCS where you can add multiple currencies and exchange rate types that are set-up for each plan type used. To load the exchange rates in PBCS, we can populate the form using SmartView or do a CSV import. We can also set up the data sync to push exchange rates from data sources into PBCS.

I have entered data into my input forms but when i go to view data at the top level, i don’t see my entered data rolled-up. Why is this so?

First, we need to identify if you have access to view top level data. Permissions can be granted at dimension level so if your access is limited to a base level member only, then you will not be able to see data at top level. If you have confirmed you have access to top level data, then you need to run aggregation rules for data to consolidate at top level. The aggregation rule allows data to get consolidated at top level after making inputs into base level intersection.

What is the difference between reports created in SmartView and in the Reporting Web Studio?

Reporting Web Studio is a web-based report authoring solution that allows users to create reports with 3 different reports formats - HTML, PDF and Excel. Reports in SmartView can be created through ad hoc analysis or the use of SmartView functions. Ad hoc reporting in SmartView is much easier to create the reports using SmartView functions, but reports created using the latter allows you to fully utilize Excel functionalities like formatting. If your data has been updated, you will just need to refresh your SmartView reports, and reports created using Reporting Web Studio need to get rerun to be updated

Does PBCS have the same functionality as Hyperion Planning?

PBCS is now a couple years ahead of on-premise Planning in certain areas — some of which are major. The two applications have a completely different user interface. Hyperion Planning still uses Workspace, while all pods in the cloud no longer have Workspace. The simplified interface is all that's available on PBCS, which has significant advantages. From an administrative perspective, the cloud environment is significantly easier to administer because you don't have to manage things like server-to-server point communications, logs and tuning, etc..

What are the key components that are used for interfaces with PBCS?

The following are the key components used for interfaces with PBCS.

1. Smartview - an interface used to access and work with PBCS data in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Microsoft Word
2. Web interface - a clean interface for end user tasks in PBCS
3. FDMEE (Data Management) - data transformation tool allowing data movement from various source and targets
4. Essbase - provides PBCS with its multi dimensional database and calculation engine
5. Financial Reporting Studio (FRS) - it is a tool for creating standard financial reports available to run from the workspace
6. Business Rules - this enables powerful and wide ranging calculations

What is an infolet and its function?

Infolets are self-contained, interactive box-shaped container used to display information using text and charts. This enable the users to view and interact with high level information generated from different sources for quick analysis of data and to provide sound judgment & decision on matters that will require much attention.

How Can I Display Member Names in Multiple Languages?

The Alias table in PBCS enable the users to display member names in multiple languages. You may load member names for each language into the various alias tables then advise users of the specific regions to select their corresponding alias table as a user preference.

Can I setup the logo and background of my PBCS instance?

Yes, you can always setup your logo and customize the background of your PBCS instance. You may navigate to Tools>Appearance and specify a logo or background image or select another theme. The logo and background image files must be accessible by URL.

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