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Transition from Startup to Fast-Growth to IPO Requires Business Software that Can Keep Pace

In today's hyper-paced business environment, companies grow lightning-fast. Almost overnight, startups evolve into multinational concerns, inheriting all of the complexities that come with operating globally.

This fast track to business performance requires a technology platform that can usher a company through difficult growing pains, one that gives a young business the ability to respond quickly to opportunities without the distraction of having to maintain unwieldy IT systems.

And any company with global aspirations will ultimately need global ERP software that provides a real-time view of the business, with all of the necessary language, currency and taxation tools, built around a single data model, enabling employees, customers, partners and vendors around the world to transact business easily.

Upaya’s customer Roku is a prime example of how NetSuite & Upaya’s services enabled Roku to have an exponential growth.

Take it from streaming set-top box maker Roku, which was struggling to keep up with meteoric growth but has seen revenue grow 15 percent since going live on NetSuite in the summer of 2012. NetSuite has enabled Roku to:

  • automate order management on 85 percent of its revenue stream, greatly reducing what had been a largely manual task;
  • reduce monthly financial closing times by 500 percent;
  • streamline transactions with more than 100 retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart;
  • gain real-time visibility into key data to pinpoint growth opportunities, identify areas for improvement and make better business decisions; and
  • improve supply chain analytics, leading to improved inventory management and demand planning.

Similarly, SolarWinds was having difficulty keeping up with the demands of a fast-growing roster of 60,000 customers in 170 countries. Tired of relying on QuickBooks, spreadsheets and custom programming, the maker of IT management software rolled out NetSuite to 10 subsidiaries around the world in just six months, and was able to cut administrative costs by 30 percent by simplifying its billing processes.

NetSuite also gave SolarWinds instant visibility across customers, geographies and products, as well as the ability to handle twice as many customer support cases with only modest staff increases. What's more, the company made all of these improvements while achieving a return on its NetSuite investment in just three months.

To sustain pace of growth, an agile and flexbible ERP solution was key for Pure Storage. NetSuite, the No. 1 cloud ERP was the right fit. From the initial deployment, which demonstrated the power of the solution, to setting in place the right governance model to rolling out OneWorld to enable international growth, NetSuite created the foundation required by Pure Storage to grow and thrive in an age where pivot is the new normal. Attendees will learn how Pure Storage is taking advantage of the most modern, nimble cloud architecture available today, one that's constantly updated and overseen by a professional team.

NetSuite customers get access to all the developer toolkits, scripts and third-party applications they need to customize and configure their NetSuite environments via the SuiteCloud Developer Platform. And with powerful built-in business intelligence and omnichannel commerce capabilities, NetSuite provides the insight to act incisively on the latest information and take advantage of every revenue opportunity. Whether it’s transitioning from on-premise ERP or entry-level applications, companies of all sizes now rely on NetSuite to expand their operations and run mission-critical business processes. More importantly, they'll learn how NetSuite, the most powerful IT platform available today, lets fast-growing companies do what they're supposed to do: Grow, not babysit IT systems.

- Mike Arntz, Senior Vice President of Sales, Americas, (NetSuite)

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