In today’s competitive and ever-changing business world, the success of any organization highly depends on how it implements and uses enterprise systems. The enterprise systems have created a significant effect on multiple facets of organizational activities since their arrival in the corporate arena.

NetSuite (also called NSuite) integrates the information within the organization as well as with its external partners, clients, and suppliers. It integrates data across all functional ERP units and comprehensively supports major processes throughout an organization. It has a central database for the whole information flow in the organization reducing data redundancy and increasing flexibility.

There are a few core processes that all methods follow for implementation such as planning, execution, testing, go-live, and post-go-live-support. However, there is no specific or standard way to pull off an implementation as it all depends on how your partner understands your requirements and proposes the solution that best fits your needs.

We at Upaya, follow a specific NetSuite implementation methodology to implement ERP in 7 different phases. We have been following this process for over a decade now, and have been pretty much successful in delivering ready-to-use software implementations to all our clients. Please read on the guide to get details about roadmap to successful NetSuite implmentation.

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