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NetSuite Workflow Training

Basic Training

Introduction of the SuiteFlow Training

  • Introduction of Facilitator
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Agenda/Topics

    • SuiteFlow overview
    • SuiteFlow benefits for non-developers
    • Common use cases of SuiteFlow

SuiteFlow key elements: Discuss the basic SuiteFlow structure

  • Pre-requisites
  • State
  • Action
  • Transition

State, Action and Transition in detail

  • Discuss the relationship of State and Action
  • Discuss the commonly used actions
  • Discuss the purpose of Transition and use cases

SuiteFlow Triggers

  • Trigger overview
  • Client side vs Server side triggers
  • Commonly used triggers

Discuss the Event and Context Types, Condition

  • Primary event type
  • Event type per actions
  • Context types and use cases
  • Discuss the primary condition
  • Condition per action and transition
  • Common use cases to add conditions

Hands on - Create workflows

Intercompany Training

Basic Training

Automated Intercompany Management Overview

  • Overview & Setup
  • Elimination Subsidiaries
  • Intercompany Accounts
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Sales & Billing Transactions Overview

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Customers & Vendor Setup
  • Create Intercompany Purchase Orders
  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Identifying when to use intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • Identify considerations for implementing intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • NetSuite Demo

Hand-on Exercise

  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

Managing Intercompany Inventory Transactions

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Inventory Transfers - Arm's Length& Non-Arms’ Length
  • Intercompany Inventory Returns - Arm's Length
  • Key Points for Inventory Transfers

Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

  • Overview
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries
  • Intercompany Allocation Schedules
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Eliminations & Reports

  • Overview
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Run Intercompany Elimination
  • View Intercompany Elimination Results
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Working with Elimination Reports
  • NetSuite Demo

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