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NetSuite Workflow Training

Basic Training

Introduction of the SuiteFlow Training

  • Introduction of Facilitator
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Agenda/Topics

    • SuiteFlow overview
    • SuiteFlow benefits for non-developers
    • Common use cases of SuiteFlow

SuiteFlow key elements: Discuss the basic SuiteFlow structure

  • Pre-requisites
  • State
  • Action
  • Transition

State, Action and Transition in detail

  • Discuss the relationship of State and Action
  • Discuss the commonly used actions
  • Discuss the purpose of Transition and use cases

SuiteFlow Triggers

  • Trigger overview
  • Client side vs Server side triggers
  • Commonly used triggers

Discuss the Event and Context Types, Condition

  • Primary event type
  • Event type per actions
  • Context types and use cases
  • Discuss the primary condition
  • Condition per action and transition
  • Common use cases to add conditions

Hands on - Create workflows

Intercompany Training

Basic Training

Automated Intercompany Management Overview

  • Overview & Setup
  • Elimination Subsidiaries
  • Intercompany Accounts
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Sales & Billing Transactions Overview

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Customers & Vendor Setup
  • Create Intercompany Purchase Orders
  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Identifying when to use intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • Identify considerations for implementing intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • NetSuite Demo

Hand-on Exercise

  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

Managing Intercompany Inventory Transactions

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Inventory Transfers - Arm's Length& Non-Arms’ Length
  • Intercompany Inventory Returns - Arm's Length
  • Key Points for Inventory Transfers

Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

  • Overview
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries
  • Intercompany Allocation Schedules
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Eliminations & Reports

  • Overview
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Run Intercompany Elimination
  • View Intercompany Elimination Results
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Working with Elimination Reports
  • NetSuite Demo

Adaptive Planning Modeling and Reporting Training

Explore modeling and reporting in Adaptive Insights, basic Adaptive knowledge preferred but not required.

  • Modeling in Adaptive - Design, development and deployment of planning models, best practice on using model / cube sheets and formulas, will use OpEx and Revenue models as examples
  • Reporting in Adaptive - Design and generate reports in all formats, best practice in developing user-friendly and presentation-ready reports, as well

Amortization and Expense Allocations Training

Basic Training

Setup for Amortization
  • Enabling the feature
  • Setting Amortization Preferences
  • Specifying Deferral Accounts for Amortization
Amortization Templates
  • Creating Amortization Templates
  • Configuration for Amortization
  • Associating Amortization Template with Expenses
Amortization Reports 10minsHands on – Amortization
Expense Allocation Overview
Creating Expense Allocation Schedules
  • Fixed Allocation
  • Dynamic Allocation
Creating Expense Allocation Journal Entries

Inventory Management Training

Basic Training

Introduction of the Inventory Training
  • Introduction of Facilitator
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Agenda/Topics
Discuss the Basics of Inventory and Item Records
  • Inventory Cycle
  • Item Records
  • Units of Measure
  • Item Pricing
Hands on – Item RecordsInventory Management
  • Inventory Tracking Options
  • Multi Locations Inventory
  • Inventory Distribution
  • Quantity and Adjustments
  • Item Commitment and Reallocation of Back Orders
  • Bin Management and Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management
  • Drop Shipments and Special Orders
Hands on – Inventory Management

Bank Import and Reconciliation

Basic Training

Bank Import and Reconciliation Process
  • Overview
  • Permissions
  • Bank Reconciliation Process
Bank Statement Data Import
  • Import Online Banking Data
  • Financial Institution Record
  • Bank Statement Parser SuiteApp
  • Bank Connectivity SuiteApp
Hands-on ExerciseBank Account Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Reconciling Bank Statement
  • Entering Transactions while Reconciling
  • Deleting Reconciliation
  • Printing Reconciliation
  • Bank Register Report
  • Reconciliation Summary and Detail Report
Account Statement Matching and Reconciliation
  • Transaction Matching for Account Statements
  • Reconciling Account Statements
    • Matching Transactions
    • Confirming Transaction Matches
    • Reconciling Transactions

OneWorld Training

OneWorld setup, Intercompany transactions, Elimination and Consolidation

Introduction to Netsuite OneWorld
  • OneWorld Overview
  • Subsidiaries
  • Subsidiary Hierarchy Planning
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Nexuses and Taxes
Subsidiary Setup
  • Creating Subsidiary
  • Editing Subsidiary
  • Deleting Subsidiary
  • Adding or Removing Nexuses from a Subsidiary
  • Locking Transactions by Subsidiary
  • Using Subsidiary-Specific Transaction Auto-Numbering
Subsidiaries with Entities and Items
  • Assigning Subsidiary to an Employee
  • Assigning Subsidiary to a Vendor
  • Assigning Subsidiary to a Customer
  • Assigning Subsidiary to an Item
Automated Intercompany Management
  • Setting Up Automated Intercompany Management
  • Intercompany Sales and Billing Overview
  • Intercompany Elimination Overview
  • Using Automated Intercompany Management for Elimination
  • Working with Elimination Reports
Consolidated Reporting in OneWorld
  • Subsidiary Context for Reports
OneWorld ERP Accounting
  • Journal Entries in OneWorld
  • Locking Accounting Periods in OneWorld
  • Intercompany Time and Expenses
  • Intercompany Allocation Schedules
  • Subsidiary Budgets in OneWorld

Fixed Asset Management Training

Basic Training

FAM Overview
  • Overview
  • System Setup
  • Asset Types
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Alternate Methods
FAM Transactions
  • Asset Proposal
  • Manage Asset Proposal
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Disposal
  • Asset Revaluation
  • Asset Split
  • Asset Transfer
  • FAM Lease Overview
    • Generate Lease Schedules
    • Record Lease Interest
    • Finalize Migrated Leases
    FAM Reports
    • Asset Register
    • Asset Summary
    • Depreciation Schedule Net Book Value
    • Depreciation Schedule Period Depreciation
    • Depreciation Monthly Report
    • Fixed Asset Listing

    Reports and Saved Search Training

    Basic Training

    Saved Search Overview
    • Defining a Saved Search
    • Review Search Types
    • Review Dashboard, List and Sublist View
    • Create a Customer Search
    • How to use Criteria Expressions
    Transaction Search
    • Create a Transaction Search.
    • Review Header and Line fields
    • Review Available Filters
    Grouping Results and Functions
    • Create a Transaction Search with Grouped Columns
    • How/When to use grouping
    • Review Summary Criteria
    • Review Functions
    Email Alerts
    • Create search that send emails
    • Review Scheduled Emails/Alerts
    • Reports Overview
    • Create a Saved Report
    • Create a Financial Saved Report

    Fields and Custom Record Customization Training

    Discuss the Basics of Customization
    • How to customize a Form
    • How to create Custom Fields
    • How to create Custom Lists
    • How to create Custom Tabs (Center | Subtabs)
    Customization and Custom Records
    • How to create Center Links
    • How to apply Custom Fields and Custom Lists on Forms
    • How to create Custom Records
    • How to display Custom Records on Forms
    Hands on – Customization
    • Demo
    • Exercise

    Year-End Close Training

    Basic Training

    Year-End Close Overview
    • What is Year-End Close?
    • How do we close books in NetSuite?
    Two Ways to do Year-End Close
    • Manual Close
    • Automatic Close
    Using the Period Close Checklist
    • Accessing the checklist
    • Completing tasks in the checklist
    Tips and Best Practices during Year-End Close
    • Before year-end close
    • During year-end close
    • After year-end close

    NetSuite Order to Cash (AR) Training

    Basic Training

    Accounts Receivable Overview
    • Order to Cash flow
    • System Roles and Processes
    • Processing Sales Order, Sales Ordre Fulfillment, Billing Sales Order, Apply
    • Customer Payment
    • Issuing Credit Memo
    Managing Customer Account
    • Managing Customer Record
    • Customer Dashboard Management
    • Other Relationships – One customer record, multiple relationships
    • Communication / Multiple Address functions / Preferences
    • Credit Limit – Hold /Terms
    • Multiple Currency
    • Customer center access / Multiple Subsidiary
    • Discuss the Flow of Purchase Order flow chart
    Managing Customer Account
    • Demo (New Customer Records)
    • Exercise
    Discuss the Sales Transaction Process
    • Item Master (Item types)
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Sales Order Fulfillment
    • GL Impact

    Multi-Book Accounting Training

    Training and Implementation Overview

    Multi-book Accounting OverviewMulti-book Implementation
    • Implementation Considerations
    • Limitations
    Use Cases
    • Supported Use Cases
    • Not Supported Use Cases
    Multi-book Accounting Setup
    • Enabling MB Feature
    • Accounting Book Status
    • Adding Accounting Books
    Multi-book Accounting HTP
    • HTP Overview
    Using Multi-Book Accounting
    • Chart of Accounts Mapping
    • Accounting Book Period Close Management
    • Foreign Currency Management
    • Revenue & Expense Management
    • Book-Generic and Book Specific Records
    DEMOAdjustment-Only Book OverviewExercises

    Basic Workflow Training

    Basic Training

    Overview of SuiteFlow/Workflow
    • Permissions
    • Enabling the feature
    • Workflow Sample/Demo
    Working with Workflows
    • Creation
    • Properties
    • States
    • Actions
    • Transitions
    • Conditions
    Workflow Administration
    • Workflow Instance & History
    • Testing & Troubleshooting Workflows
    • SuiteFlow References
      • Triggers
      • States
      • Event Types
      • Templates
      • Actions
      • Transitions
      • Conditions
    Hands on – Workflow
    • Demo
    • Exercise

    Adaptive Planning Open Forum

    Free open Q&A for any questions about Adaptive Planning.

    AUDIENCE :Any Adaptive Admin / End Users - CFO, FP&A, Finance, IT

    This is free session open to anyone using or interested in Workday Adaptive Planning. Questions may include:

    • How to perform a certain task?
    • Is Adaptive a good fit for a business function?
    • What’s the best practice for a certain business scenario?
    • Any problem encountered while using Adaptive

    Roles and Permissions Training

    Discuss the access controls in NetSuite
    • Data Security
    • What is a role?
    • Permissions and Access Levels Overview
    • Security Layers on a Role
    Roles and Permissions
    • Accessing Standard NetSuite Roles
    • The Administrator Role
    • Customizing a Role
    • Customize the Role – Other Subtabs

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