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SuiteWorld 2017 Recap

SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual conference, was in Las Vegas this year. And NetSuite went big!!!

The Big question on everyone’s mind after the Oracle acquisition was “What’s next for NetSuite?”.

And it was answered by Oracle’s CEO, Mark Hurd. He was briefly on stage for day one’s keynote. He didn’t waste much time and told a few things he thought everyone in this ecosystem should know:

  • NetSuite will stay NetSuite.
  • Oracle plans to incubate and expand NetSuite’s potential.
  • Oracle intends to make the transition between Oracle and NetSuite seamless for NetSuite customers.

It’s clear his goal was to subdue customer anxiety about the acquisition, and he did it well.

This year SuiteWorld keynotes were around three central concepts, which is plenty to get excited about, specifically if you are a new customer to NetSuite.


Implementing a vanilla version of NetSuite is an arduous task by any project managers standards. Implementing an elaborate version of NetSuite with multiple customizations is beyond a challenge…and NetSuite knows this. That is why they have released SuiteSuccess. A program designed to help NetSuite customers find the path to success for their NetSuite implementations. The program is said to be tailored by vertical and has already helped some NetSuite customers find the “stairway to success.” NetSuite’s full-throated promotion of the program signals that SuiteSuccess is ready to go and is something NetSuite will be pushing heavily from now on. It’s a great move for NetSuite, as implementation failure rates are not something to take lightly. NetSuite boasts that SuiteSuccess can improve go-live time by 60% and reduces costs by up to 18%.

Upaya took full advantage of the training sessions on SuiteSuccess and we are very happy and excited that our NetSuite Consultants are now SuiteSuccess certified.

Key Benefits to our customers from the SuiteSuccess program are:

  • Customers go live 60% faster
  • Implementation costs are 18% less
  • 90% are immediately referenceable
  • 4 change orders out of 300 customers

Contact Upaya’s SuiteSuccess experts at 408-899-4577 or

Upaya is very excited to help our customers achieve greater success with the SuiteSuccess program.


NetSuite’s assault on the HRM industry now comes in the form of SuitePeople, an add-on for the NetSuite platform. However, this isn’t your ordinary HR Suite. NetSuite’s approach to HR software is much different from the competition. “SuitePeople weaves people data throughout the suite, giving businesses complete control over their core HR processes.” -NetSuite Press Release Instead of separating the HR module and all of its data entirely from other modules, NetSuite has chosen to smartly place the human capital data in useful spots around the suite, where it will be easier to attain the pertinent information to the user’s needs at that time. The platform still promises robust HR functionality, just more conveniently placed. This should result in a more natural integration of HR into the other business modules. Only time and customer testing will confirm if this approach is actually more efficient, but for now, I like the idea and see no reason to root against it.


The third concept NetSuite dug in hard on this year was the concept of going global. Now backed by Oracle, and their acres of data centers around the world, NetSuite can easily expand its reach, and that is exactly what they are doing. NetSuite says they will be launching in 13 new countries….”ASAP.” Not an exact timeline, but NetSuite has specifically said that the infrastructure is in place and they are just waiting for the green light. However long it takes, it is clear that global expansion is a priority for NetSuite/Oracle.

Their global expansion policy does not just apply to their own reach but adding to their customer’s abilities to do business around the world as well. NetSuite used SuiteWorld to unveil additional features for the OneWorld customers that will allow them to clear hurdles dealing with international trade. The enhancement is quite extensive. “The new functionality spans global financials, revenue recognition, billing, Services Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Governance, Risk and Compliance. These enhancements give NetSuite customers the ability to continue to scale and innovate efficiently.” –NetSuite Press Release

Overall, SuiteWorld 2017 was a great experience for the whole ecosystem alike. NetSuite is undoubtedly the leader in ERP cloud based technology, the direction the company is taking with Oracle acquisition and unveiling of great new features and advancement I was left in no doubt that NetSuite will scale new heights and will ensure continued success of it’s customers.

Contact Upaya: or 408-899-4577

Till next time!!!

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