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SuiteTalk: Standards-based integration and expansion of NetSuite

SuiteTalk is an integration instrument for Web Services that enables the integration of NetSuite with legacy systems and third-party apps. SuiteTalk allows developers to use any programming language or platform that supports the SOAP standard to create business objects from NetSuite in that language.

Integration of SuiteTalk internet services makes it simple for clients and developers to integrate NetSuite with a variety of apps, including current on-site investments and third-party cloud apps, and to integrate website-to-NetSuite or generate lightweight portable apps.

Key Benefits: -

• Platform for integrating web services across the ERP, CRM and ecommerce solution of NetSuite.

• Support integrated company procedures through NetSuite and third-party technologies.

• Transactional real-time and master integration of information.

• Enable current abilities such as Microsoft. NET or Java to be leveraged.

• Handling and safety error supporting robust integration.

Key Features: -


• Integrates conventional NetSuite documents and custom items with apps from third parties.

• Enables integration using Java,.NET or any other language of development supporting SOAP-based web services.

• The RESTlet framework enables developers to identify their own processes for normal REST tasks like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.


• Sophisticated handling of errors helps guarantee robust and reliable integration.

• Supports heavily typed custom fields based on the field type with automatic validation.

• Returns record by record exceptions.


• Use normal NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management and encryption to manage web service applications.

• Ensures that web services are limited on the basis of privileges of access.

• "Web Services Only" function guarantees that customers can access web services only when necessary.

• Supports on a per-field basis safety.

Connect NetSuite Web Services with Java:

Unlike other cloud-based ERP systems, NetSuite is a platform for other apps to be created and integrated. Java is one mainstream programming tool used in the creation of business-based software. And this implies that we are interested in how Java can be used to link to the Web Services level of NetSuite. Java remains popular – it's open source, mature, and has a big community of growth. Java exists as a comparison to the development platform of Microsoft. NET.

The way Java can be connected to NetSuite is through SuiteTalk, which is essentially how NetSuite has exposed its system through web services. Web Services is a normal way of exposing features to users by contemporary platforms in a safe way to communicate and process logic. NetSuite acts as the server, and the client is everything that manipulates it. Java traditionally exposes itself as a server, as you likely already understand, and other applications consume Java.

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