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Sneak peek of Salesforce Winter ’18 Release

By: Madhavi Madeti, Functional Consultant

Sneak peek of Salesforce Winter ’18 Release

It is no secret that Salesforce is the leading CRM platform. If you are already using Salesforce or in the process of rolling it out, you may know of key productivity benefits. Salesforce continues to improve on user productivity by reducing number of clicks to accomplish tasks and user customizable Lightning interface. We continuously evaluate new Salesforce releases on behalf of our customers and this blog gives a sneak peek into end user improvements for Sales, Chatter and Mobile users. For detailed release notes click here

For Sales Cloud users

Core Sales Features

• Outlook and Gmail integration deliver high-impact features that keeps sales teams laser- focused on the leads to generate sales pipeline directly without missing clients via email.

• Sales Representatives can save time using new lead conversion process in one convenient location. Contacts and accounts are matched by Salesforce and on the same screen even Sales Representative can create an opportunity or select one already in the works. These features appear in separate expandable sections for accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

• Marketing department can quickly target up to 50,000 people using new Add to Campaign option on account-based standard and custom reports. Previously, users could add person accounts to campaigns only from contact-based reports.

• Opportunities:

(a) Sales reps can add multiple members of an opportunity team on one page

(b) Create an opportunity and a contact role in one fell swoop. When sales reps create an opportunity from the related list on a contact, Salesforce adds the contact on the opportunity.

(c) Fine-tune forecasts by changing an opportunity forecast category regardless of its stage and using any device Android, iOS or mobile web.

Productivity Features

• Reps can selectively send an email to recipients on contact, lead, and person account lists without worrying about blasting everyone with a Reply All response. They can also choose individual records on a list view. List email sends an individual email to each recipient instead of blasting everyone one email to the entire group. Reps can amp it up by using email templates and merge fields to customize each email.

• Reps can never forget to remember with task reminders. Reps stay on task with visual cues and task notifications with timely reminders. Also get your fill of past and archived activities with all activity history tab.

• Reps can get more done with fewer clicks when working from list views. Edit multiple records from a list view, Update record owners from list views, set and reset custom column widths on list views and wrap text in columns to see more at a glance.

For Chatter Users

• With encryption for Chatter, companies can confidently comply with privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling Chatter data.

• Emojis ☺ have arrived! Engage your audience by adding zest to your feed.

• In Chatter group and topics feeds, when someone posts critical information, an authorized user can pin that post to the top of the feed.

• Take a guilt-free vacation with enhanced out of office! User can add Out of Office message along with the start and end dates. Your message and dates display prominently next to your name in Chatter, not just on your profile but almost anywhere that your name appears.

For Mobile Users

• Mobile reps can now manage their sales territories on-the-go on any device. In Salesforce, Enterprise Territory Management users can change the assigned territory in opportunity details.

• Manage service contracts and contract line items in the Salesforce from any device. Your team can quickly review or modify contract terms while visiting customers or completing field service appointments.

• Agents can easily log multiple issues for a customer or use information in existing cases by seamlessly clone cases. It’s as simple as clicking the clone button, filling in the information, assigning and saving the case.

• Salesforce1 mobile app is renamed to Salesforce - With this change, it is easier than ever to find Salesforce on every device and in every app store.

• Get help quickly with updated Help on any device. Key changes include improved organization by topics, condensed information based on real use cases and updated icons and feature information.

You may want to extract the most out of your Salesforce or tailor it to meet evolving business and organization process needs. This can be accomplished by partnering with experts like us to customize and/or develop new custom applications to compliment out-of-the-box Salesforce features. Upaya is Salesforce partner with multiple successful end-to-end Cloud Software (SaaS) implementations. We can help you design the right approach for your specific needs. Our team of experts will assist you with the enablement of these features to help you grow your business.


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