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Salesforce Spring '19 Release Features

The Salesforce Spring ’19 unleash is here, and you’ll currently be able to explore the exciting new options and upgrades of the latest release. Here could be a fast summary of Salesforce Spring ‘19 unleash date, our most precious options within the Salesforce Spring ’19 unleash, just like the advanced Lightning expertise options, Deals Cadences, Flow Builder,Lightning internet elements, Apex, Communities, and APIs.Sandboxes.

1. Sell a lot of with Sales Cadences:-

Sales Cadence is one in every of the foremost widespread tools within the Salesforce Spring ’19 unleash for its high potency in giving a number of the most effective practices to follow up with high-quality leads. This could may include calling the lead, then to follow up with Associate in Nursing email, then checking in with them 5 days later untill they hit you up. The high-speed Sales feature allows you to make resistance Cadences that enable sales reps to trace what their next action need to be.

2. Faster, Easier, and additional Intuitive Flow Building with Flow Builder

Your flow-building expertise simply got a full ton better! The Cloud Flow Designer has been replaced with a farquicker tool: Flow Builder. It streamlines flow building and maintenance with a simplified programme. It’s currently easier to settle on the proper part or resource for your flow. For instance, the information have been consolidated. No additional keeping track of whether or not you must use a quick produce or Record produce, or which sort of variable you would like. Components and resources have additionally been renamed to be additional intuitive. For instance, the subject knowledge kind is currently referred to as “Record.”

3. Get the foremost vital List read with stapled Lists

Do you have a go-to list read that you simply wish to load as your default list? Currently you'll be able to. With stapled lists, all users will create any list their new default. To pin associate degree unpinned list, click its pin icon. To pin a unique list, choose the list read and pin it instead. The default stapled list for all objects is Recently Viewed.

4. Activate Lightning expertise (Critical Update)

Salesforce can activate Lightning expertise on a rolling basis beginning in Winter ‘20 to empower users to move quicker, do more, and be additional productive. Most are inspired to start out making ready to transition to Lightning expertise presently so your users will take pleasure in everything the new interface must provide. The longer term of the Salesforce user expertise and platform is Salesforce Lightning. Moving forward, all innovations are in Lightning expertise. Benefit of the interval before Lightning expertise is turned on to know however your org’s options and customizations perform within the new interface and to organize your users via amendment management. Begin currently to make sure a much better expertise for everybody once Lightning expertise is turned on later. Better yet, take charge and switch on Lightning expertise for your users before this update is auto-activated, on your terms.

5. Organize Email Templates with Folders

This Lightning expertise feature in Salesforce Spring ’19 unleash permits sales reps and admins to simply cluster email templates into folders on the far side simply non-public and Public folders. Users will currently produce folders in hierarchies and provides permissions at completely different levels in order that they will find the precise example they're finding out faster.

6 . Lightning expertise Configuration Converter: Scan All Objects At Once: –

For the JavaScript Buttons tab and Actions and Buttons tab, it’s one click to scan and see all the actions and buttons for all objects. Salesforce is additionally introducing the way to move actions and buttons for all objects promptly. And coming back in early 2019, Salesforce is adding support for Visualforce pages to the device to create your transition to Lightning expertise even power tool.

7. Share your Feedback with Salesforce: –

Salesforce desires to listen to from you! Salesforce is regularly innovating supported feedback from their customers. A feedback type currently seems in Lightning expertise to listen to from a lot of users. Supervisor will disable the shape.

8. Add Hyperlinks to Your Posts and Comments: –

You'll be able to currently add links to posts and comments if the made text editor is enabled in your org

9. Print a Record page: –

Print key details and related lists from a record page in Lightning expertise, even as in Salesforce Classic. Specify record details visibility on the printable page and print the page from the browser. This feature is offered for all users, for Account, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Lead, chance, Order, and custom objects. To print a record page, on the record home page, click on the Printable View button as shown in the preceding screenshot.

10. Create Objects from Spreadsheets: –

Currently with many clicks, you'll be able to create a custom object by importing its fields and field data from a Google sheet, a Quip spreadsheet, a .xls file, or a .csv file. Not solely are you able to create an object and its fields quickly, however once you’re done, all its data is there, too. To create a custom object from a spreadsheet, navigate to Setup | App Manager | choose associate degree App | Edit| Navigation Items and click on on the new Create button at the top of the Available Items list.

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