Salesforce/NetSuite Real-Time Integration

Salesforce is cloud computing services which specializes in the custom relationship management(CRM).It provides the services which allow thw business to use cloud technology for better connection with the customers and partners.It offers web service and API which enables the integration with other systems.It can be easily accessed and integrate the salesforce data with any data source from basic data loading to the real time integration.

It connects with the 100+ data resources including the database and API based application.there is standard-based SQL inteface for any level integration comlexity.Salesforce allows you to leverage the full potential of your CRM and automate business processes by providing integration for Salesforce data in real-time with other databases and applications.The real time integration option enable the the immediate replication of the data from salesforce to another application.Salesforce uses Apex Web Services for Inbound and Apex Callouts for Outbound.It typically handles a scenario where business logic is spread across several applications to implement the complete end-to-end business process. An example would be building complex logic on the data received before committing it into Salesforce.

Integrate NetSuite with Salesforce

  • Real-Time bi-directional Integration - no waiting for third party schedules to transfer data
  • Secure data transfer
  • No intermediate server - your data is never outside of NetSuite or Salesforce
  • One Time Cost


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