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Plan to Win = Business Agility

Is your business actively planning? or Are you still planning on a yearly basis? Do you want to achieve more agility in your business? Moving to active planning is the first step to achieve business agility. The best way to get into it is to embrace the 3 Cs -- Collaborative, Continuous and Comprehensive.

Collaborate means, while Finance leads the planning process, they should not be left alone to make plans.Operational leaders in the organization must participate in the process by creating functional plans optimized for the on-the-ground reality and making them accountable. Finance will then provide the insights to help the business make better decisions.

Continuous empowers planning on an ad-hoc basis. Say no to yearly planning activities but yes to every day, every week, every month, every quarter and as the need arises. It should be an ongoing exercise where organizations can model, monitor and analyze results in real-time. As the business grows, your plans should be flexible to address these demands.

Comprehensive plans should build visibility into operational models at every level in the organization and should ensure that planning is aligned with execution. To have this visibility, the organization should be running on a centralized system with accurate and updated information.

This system should be a cloud-based software that’s easy, fast and powerful. Easy for all members of the organization to use; fast enough to enable rapid cycles of planning and analysis that are aligned with execution and; powerful to be able to model and analyze all aspects of the business and link them together into a holistic view.

“Business agility is reinventing the way planning and execution gets done in your organization. It adapts a new strategic thinking of unlearning old ways and building new habits of working, listening and collaborating. Making decisions based on data and not on gut instincts.”

“The ultimate goal should be to make active planning an organizational culture rather than a compartmentalized activity.”

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