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Oracle – NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2017

This is the first year that NetSuite was showcased at Oracle’s OpenWorld. NetSuite’s event SuiteConnect 2017 and had a separate presence.

The keynote at SuiteConnect was Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Development at NetSuite.

He began by discussing how NetSuite had been able to accelerate its growth into many new countries since joining Oracle. The key point to take from his address was the capability of businesses to connect their global financial systems but have the people accessing it at their desks feel like they were using a locally based platform. “Act globally but be local,” as Mr. Goldberg put it.

Another positive aspect of the acquisition has been the opportunity to leverage Oracle’s core technologies and offer them to NetSuite users:

  • ZDLRA giving improved backup and recovery services
  • Improved multi-tenancy platform
  • Access to larger engineering systems and cloud infrastructure

The same can be said for the shop floor, where the work center is the center of everything, or the HR system where the employee is the center, etc.

Evan Goldberg informed the audience that NetSuite had “99.99% uptime over the last twelve months,” and that they intend to continue offering a high level of functionality. Although he admitted when he mentions this figure, his ‘people’ get very nervous!!!


He then went on to report on SuiteSuccess. This is the unified industry cloud solution that has transformed the way that NetSuite builds, sells, delivers and supports their industry-specific offerings. It was launched in April 2017 at SuiteWorld ‘17 and has proved to be very effective.

Customers are shown a demo of the NetSuite platform during the sales and build process. Through the use of SuiteSuccess, they’re not surprised when their system goes live as it looks exactly like the system they originally viewed. Evan Goldberg also shared some statistics to express the improvements seen since its rollout earlier in the year:

  • The ‘go lives’ are now 60% faster than pre-SuiteSuccess.
  • Implementation costs have dropped by 18%.
  • Only 3% of implementations have required change orders, meaning customer are getting what they are expecting from the software more frequently, even after customization.

Goldberg then described the latest NetSuite software offering, SuitePeople. It offers fully integrated HR processes that are designed to be people-centric. The software is fully customizable and is integrated within the NetSuite core processes.

“That’s our secret sauce,” Goldberg explained; “it all works together!”

There were also a couple of announcements about other additions to NetSuite service offerings:

  • Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service – Offering customers fast and secure transactions.
  • Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service – Sophisticated financial planning and budgeting that works across a company’s entire business.

SuiteWorld 2018

The date for next year’s SuiteWorld18 event was announced. Make sure you save the date and location in your diary:

SuiteWorld 18: April 23-26, 2018

at Sands Expo, The Venetian, Las Vegas

So, what’s next for NetSuite?

Overall, the SuiteConnect 2017 event offered plenty of information to attendee’s familiar with NetSuite and those that weren’t. It went some way to show that NetSuite is not about to lose its unique business offering. Rather than be swallowed up by its larger parent, NetSuite is being nurtured and Oracle is adding its considerable business support to ensure growth for the foreseeable future.

To learn more about SuiteSuccess methodology, contact Upaya certified SuiteSuccess experts at @408-899-4577 or sales@upayasolution.com

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