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There are numerous options you have been bombarded with when you are considering an ERP for your business. Although you might be considering a variety of ERP solutions, choosing a cloud-based ERP solution or one that can be installed locally is one of the most important things. A real-world experience that has a wide range of cloud ERP systems that will lead us to recommend the most complete, comprehensive and lowest risk ERP cloud solution for selling and implementing NetSuite.

NetSuite is the largest cloud ERP software vendor in the world, so it would be an understatement to say it's a big deal. A real, single-source solution is the ERP method. NetSuite does not only manage one aspect of your business, such as your financials and accounting, or only the activities of sales and CRM. It is business management software designed to put all core business functions together and exploit the advantages of data from a single source.

NSuite ERP solutions is easy to set up, don’t require infrastructure maintenance, flexible, secured, and scalable. Here we will discuss the top modules of the industry’s leading cloud ERP solution. Please find list of top NetSuite Addons or if you want to get detailed info on list of NetSuite modules, please visit here.

List of ERP NetSuite Modules

NetSuite offers the following types of standard software editions or base editions which are categorized according to the ERP modules provided : :
a. CRM essential: The CRM edition is focused on companies that would like to use ERP to manage interactions with the existing and prospective customers. It can be said to be the most limited of the other 3 editions because it does not include accounting functions. However, it comes at a lower price as compared to leading CRM software available on the market.
b. Standard Edition: The Standard edition can be said as the best possible combination of price and functionality as compared with other base modules. The Standard edition includes strong financials and everything that comes with the base CRM edition.
c. OneWorld: It includes all of the functionality available in the Standard and CRM edition as well it the best choice for companies with multiple subsidiaries and multinational entities.
NSuite ERP offers many modules that can be selected by companies based on their individual business needs. NSuite comprises many interrelated modules, each of which is built and integrated on a robust platform and draws data from a single shared database. If you want to check the list of top NetSuite Addons please visit here or if you want to get detailed info on list of NetSuite modules, please visit here. Here are the most popular ERP modules:

Financial Management Modules (FMS)

Oracle NetSuite ERP software offers comprehensive financial planning solutions (such as NetSuite Financial First edition) which helps to manage financial transactions and accounting activities for a particular organization through reports and dashboards. FMS facilitates planning and monitoring of capital expenses and its impact on overall budgeting and performance of organization.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps to get involved with CRM tools that are more optimised. Businesses should handle connections and interactions with clients and prospects efficiently. NetSuite has an innovative framework for Customer Relationship Management. The benefits of NetSuite CRM include the support of NetSuite CRM tools to enhance business relationships with customers, streamline processes, and improve business profitability.

Inventory Management

This module provides NetSuite with expanded Inventory Management capabilities, which are usually useful for companies that keep stock for sale in warehouses. The module offers the ability to do Bin Management, Lot Monitoring, Pick/Pack/Ship, Serialized Inventory and various other features that are useful for companies buying and selling physical items.

Advanced Revenue Management (ARM)

The Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) module further expands the functionality of NetSuite Revenue Recognition and is an add-on module to the Revenue Management module (you must have purchased Revenue Management in order to purchase ARM).

Reporting and Analytics

The best methods for driving business intelligence and producing reports to evaluate business performance are used by NetSuite ERP. Businesses will increase and gain insight into sales levels, retention of customers, production of goods and services, profitability, better business choices, customer loyalty, and so on.

SuiteCommerce Advanced

SuiteCommerce Advanced offers quick and engaging online stores for businesses that deliver excellent shopping experiences tailored for any computer. As with all NetSuite Commerce products, SuiteCommerce Advanced unifies e-commerce with the core business processes, offering a clear view of clients, orders, inventory and other essential business data that allows personal and appropriate omnichannel interactions. Inventory and order management, customer service and financial accounting. To get detailed info about NetSuite eCommerce solutions offered by Upaya, check ecommerce modules at NetSuite Webstore.

NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA)

NSuite PSA provides a comprehensive Professional Services solution that facilitates key service related functionalities such as project management and reporting among others. PSA covers many services ranging from Professional Services to accounting. This module offers various add-on modules/Features such as Project Management, Resource allocation, Job costing.

NetSuite also offers OpenAir. It is a professional services automation solution that supports the entire professional services delivery lifecycle with a powerful cloud-based suite. A key challenge for any service delivery organization is optimizing resources— understanding the capacity available for upcoming work, the skills required to deliver that work and the right employees to maximize revenue.

From resource management and project management, to time and expense tracking, project accounting and advanced billing and invoicing, OpenAir is proven to quickly drive tangible results—increasing resource utilization, project margins and on time project delivery while driving down IT costs, decreasing project accounting and overhead and expediting billing cycles. NetSuite OpenAir helps improve invoicing accuracy, streamline revenue recognition and increase visibility into your organization.

Human Capital Management

NetSuite’s SuitePeople is the leading HR cloud application that accommodates latest tools and processes to facilitate and streamline various HCM functionalities such as employee recruitment, employee onboarding, payroll, Analytics and more.

Modular design of NetSuite ERP (such as base editions and add-on modules) allows it to meet the increasing needs of a business and is a big reason this software is one of the best cloud software available in recent times. In order to get the most out of your NetSuite package, it is very important that you select the right modules to include in your plan. Upaya has extensive experience in NetSuite implementation and integration projects. If you are not sure about the right module or if you need assistance in any other services related to NetSuite ERP modules, then you can connect with us at below mentioned details.

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