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Ops Management Pain Points

Upaya Solutions


Poor availability of tools and services for effective administration due to IT budget constraintsSolutions priced reasonably to fit within budget with possible financing optionsHigher adoption of Upaya's solutions leads to higher speed and accruacy in operations with proper auditability
Disconnected ecosystem at many schools minimizing the benefits of fundraising and online operations (E.g. Accounting system not integrated with school webstore)» Integration of Accounitng system with School webstore
» Online promotions along with fundrasing module Online payment processing & reporting
» Automated vendore invocing & purchases
» Reduced administrative overheads and time
» Improved productivity
» Hassle free, accurate and flexible payment options
Information is siloed with lack of its real time access across multiple functionsCustomized views to real time financial state, including deep dive to transactional level details subject to proper user authorization / securityBetter control, higher transparancy and informed decision making at corporate level
Failure to identify loss making centers, due to inability to directly correlate costs with student cost centers» Customized and flexible accounting system with ability to deliver reports at the level of individual school, center or facility.
» Automated processing of payments with direct deposits / debits to bank or credit cards
Enhanced brand recognition with new service offerings to parents and students

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