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A Wholesale Distribution business operates through two primary channels: B2B (Business to Business) i.e. Manufacturers selling to wholesalers/retailers or wholesalers selling to retailers; and B2C (Business to Consumers) i.e Manufactures / Retailers selling directly to consumers. It is critical for any wholesale distribution company to keep a close track of KPIs such as availability of products, inventory in stock, inventory holding costs & turnover rates, order fulfillment status and so on

In the absence of a single view of data, the wholesale distribution companies generally struggle to have an ineffective inventory utilization, inefficient and inaccurate orders processing, inventory visibility issues, and manual processes that cannot scale. NetSuite can take care of all of these challenges. Netsuite is a platform that can provide a single source of truth for orders, customers, items and inventory, allowing customers to operate on a grander scale by giving an opportunity to orchestrate order and inventory visibility issues, thus, improving business performance and customer satisfaction.

NetSuite brings solid support for core wholesale distribution business capabilities, such as inventory management, rebates, cycle counting, procurement, warehousing, demand planning, shipping, fulfillment, and core financials. Beyond these core capabilities, NetSuite provides an extensive range of ERP solution components that wholesale and distribution customers can utilize.


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