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We offer a host of NetSuite ERP trainings. Our training sessions and NetSuite training material is developed and led by our certified consultants who have many years of experience in using NetSuite ERP platform bringing years of NetSuite best practices to our attendees.

Our trainers are not just consultants they are certified accountants and have advanced degrees in finance thus they understand not only the NetSuite system but are very well versed in accounting processes.

This unique combination of such high calibre of trainers is offered exclusively by Upaya and adds tremendous value to your learning and growth on Oracle NetSuite Cloud Platform.

Check out our NetSuite Learning portal below for our latest trainings.

Current Scheduled Trainings

What Our Attendees Say

The diversity of NetSuite training courses and resources offered on our NetSuite learning portal empower users with knowledge and skills to make their jobs easier, increase productivity and optimize your NetSuite system.

Keeping in mind your need for expert NetSuite training resources and support that are comprehensive, easily accessible and convenient we have many options to meet your unique needs.

From NetSuite training on demand, NetSuite 101 and Oracle NetSuite online training, our NetSuite partner resource center also offers short videos on NetSuite tips & tricks, informative blogs, and NetSuite customer case studies.

Why Upaya’s Oracle NetSuite Training Services?

  1. NetSuite Expertise: All our trainers are experienced NetSuite users. On an average over 7+ years of hands on NetSuite cloud software experience. We have a deep understanding of the NetSuite software and understand the challenges you face and bring you the best practices.
  2. Industry Experience: Upaya has completed 750+ NetSuite implementations and NetSuite services projects. We have clients in all major industries like retail, technology, manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, education to name a few. We bring to our sessions how to address issues specific to your industry and present unique solutions that we have already successfully implemented.
  3. Experienced Accountants/Finance Professionals: Our Trainers are CPAs or have advanced finance degrees. They not only understand the Oracle NetSuite system thoroughly but they are experts in accounting processes and practices too. They speak your language and can relate to your job challenges and needs. This unique combination in our NetSuite Trainers is exclusive to Upaya’s NetSuite training services.
  4. Personalized Approach: We understand that all clients have unique learning needs and we tailor our NetSuite training sessions to meet your unique needs. Our certified NetSuite trainers tailor their approach to your business requirements. They are invested in your success.

Our Trainings (TBD)

NetSuite Workflow Training

Basic Training

Introduction of the SuiteFlow Training

  • Introduction of Facilitator
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Agenda/Topics

    • SuiteFlow overview
    • SuiteFlow benefits for non-developers
    • Common use cases of SuiteFlow

SuiteFlow key elements: Discuss the basic SuiteFlow structure

  • Pre-requisites
  • State
  • Action
  • Transition

State, Action and Transition in detail

  • Discuss the relationship of State and Action
  • Discuss the commonly used actions
  • Discuss the purpose of Transition and use cases

SuiteFlow Triggers

  • Trigger overview
  • Client side vs Server side triggers
  • Commonly used triggers

Discuss the Event and Context Types, Condition

  • Primary event type
  • Event type per actions
  • Context types and use cases
  • Discuss the primary condition
  • Condition per action and transition
  • Common use cases to add conditions

Hands on - Create workflows

Intercompany Training

Basic Training

Automated Intercompany Management Overview

  • Overview & Setup
  • Elimination Subsidiaries
  • Intercompany Accounts
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Sales & Billing Transactions Overview

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Customers & Vendor Setup
  • Create Intercompany Purchase Orders
  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Identifying when to use intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • Identify considerations for implementing intercompany sales and purchasing management.
  • NetSuite Demo

Hand-on Exercise

  • Manage Intercompany Sales Orders
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

Managing Intercompany Inventory Transactions

  • Overview
  • Intercompany Inventory Transfers - Arm's Length& Non-Arms’ Length
  • Intercompany Inventory Returns - Arm's Length
  • Key Points for Inventory Transfers

Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

  • Overview
  • Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries
  • Intercompany Allocation Schedules
  • NetSuite Demo

Intercompany Eliminations & Reports

  • Overview
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Run Intercompany Elimination
  • View Intercompany Elimination Results
  • Key Points for Running Intercompany Elimination
  • Working with Elimination Reports
  • NetSuite Demo

Adaptive Planning Modeling and Reporting Training

Explore modeling and reporting in Adaptive Insights, basic Adaptive knowledge preferred but not required.

  • Modeling in Adaptive - Design, development and deployment of planning models, best practice on using model / cube sheets and formulas, will use OpEx and Revenue models as examples
  • Reporting in Adaptive - Design and generate reports in all formats, best practice in developing user-friendly and presentation-ready reports, as well

Amortization and Expense Allocations Training

Basic Training

Setup for Amortization
  • Enabling the feature
  • Setting Amortization Preferences
  • Specifying Deferral Accounts for Amortization
Amortization Templates
  • Creating Amortization Templates
  • Configuration for Amortization
  • Associating Amortization Template with Expenses
Amortization Reports 10minsHands on – Amortization
Expense Allocation Overview
Creating Expense Allocation Schedules
  • Fixed Allocation
  • Dynamic Allocation
Creating Expense Allocation Journal Entries

Inventory Management Training

Basic Training

Introduction of the Inventory Training
  • Introduction of Facilitator
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Agenda/Topics
Discuss the Basics of Inventory and Item Records
  • Inventory Cycle
  • Item Records
  • Units of Measure
  • Item Pricing
Hands on – Item RecordsInventory Management
  • Inventory Tracking Options
  • Multi Locations Inventory
  • Inventory Distribution
  • Quantity and Adjustments
  • Item Commitment and Reallocation of Back Orders
  • Bin Management and Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Advanced Bin/Numbered Inventory Management
  • Drop Shipments and Special Orders
Hands on – Inventory Management

Bank Import and Reconciliation

Basic Training

Bank Import and Reconciliation Process
  • Overview
  • Permissions
  • Bank Reconciliation Process
Bank Statement Data Import
  • Import Online Banking Data
  • Financial Institution Record
  • Bank Statement Parser SuiteApp
  • Bank Connectivity SuiteApp
Hands-on ExerciseBank Account Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Reconciling Bank Statement
  • Entering Transactions while Reconciling
  • Deleting Reconciliation
  • Printing Reconciliation
  • Bank Register Report
  • Reconciliation Summary and Detail Report
Account Statement Matching and Reconciliation
  • Transaction Matching for Account Statements
  • Reconciling Account Statements
    • Matching Transactions
    • Confirming Transaction Matches
    • Reconciling Transactions

OneWorld Training

OneWorld setup, Intercompany transactions, Elimination and Consolidation

Introduction to Netsuite OneWorld
  • OneWorld Overview
  • Subsidiaries
  • Subsidiary Hierarchy Planning
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Nexuses and Taxes
Subsidiary Setup
  • Creating Subsidiary
  • Editing Subsidiary
  • Deleting Subsidiary
  • Adding or Removing Nexuses from a Subsidiary
  • Locking Transactions by Subsidiary
  • Using Subsidiary-Specific Transaction Auto-Numbering
Subsidiaries with Entities and Items
  • Assigning Subsidiary to an Employee
  • Assigning Subsidiary to a Vendor
  • Assigning Subsidiary to a Customer
  • Assigning Subsidiary to an Item
Automated Intercompany Management
  • Setting Up Automated Intercompany Management
  • Intercompany Sales and Billing Overview
  • Intercompany Elimination Overview
  • Using Automated Intercompany Management for Elimination
  • Working with Elimination Reports
Consolidated Reporting in OneWorld
  • Subsidiary Context for Reports
OneWorld ERP Accounting
  • Journal Entries in OneWorld
  • Locking Accounting Periods in OneWorld
  • Intercompany Time and Expenses
  • Intercompany Allocation Schedules
  • Subsidiary Budgets in OneWorld

Fixed Asset Management Training

Basic Training

FAM Overview
  • Overview
  • System Setup
  • Asset Types
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Alternate Methods
FAM Transactions
  • Asset Proposal
  • Manage Asset Proposal
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Disposal
  • Asset Revaluation
  • Asset Split
  • Asset Transfer
  • FAM Lease Overview
    • Generate Lease Schedules
    • Record Lease Interest
    • Finalize Migrated Leases
    FAM Reports
    • Asset Register
    • Asset Summary
    • Depreciation Schedule Net Book Value
    • Depreciation Schedule Period Depreciation
    • Depreciation Monthly Report
    • Fixed Asset Listing

    Reports and Saved Search Training

    Basic Training

    Saved Search Overview
    • Defining a Saved Search
    • Review Search Types
    • Review Dashboard, List and Sublist View
    • Create a Customer Search
    • How to use Criteria Expressions
    Transaction Search
    • Create a Transaction Search.
    • Review Header and Line fields
    • Review Available Filters
    Grouping Results and Functions
    • Create a Transaction Search with Grouped Columns
    • How/When to use grouping
    • Review Summary Criteria
    • Review Functions
    Email Alerts
    • Create search that send emails
    • Review Scheduled Emails/Alerts
    • Reports Overview
    • Create a Saved Report
    • Create a Financial Saved Report

    Fields and Custom Record Customization Training

    Discuss the Basics of Customization
    • How to customize a Form
    • How to create Custom Fields
    • How to create Custom Lists
    • How to create Custom Tabs (Center | Subtabs)
    Customization and Custom Records
    • How to create Center Links
    • How to apply Custom Fields and Custom Lists on Forms
    • How to create Custom Records
    • How to display Custom Records on Forms
    Hands on – Customization
    • Demo
    • Exercise

    Year-End Close Training

    Basic Training

    Year-End Close Overview
    • What is Year-End Close?
    • How do we close books in NetSuite?
    Two Ways to do Year-End Close
    • Manual Close
    • Automatic Close
    Using the Period Close Checklist
    • Accessing the checklist
    • Completing tasks in the checklist
    Tips and Best Practices during Year-End Close
    • Before year-end close
    • During year-end close
    • After year-end close

    NetSuite Order to Cash (AR) Training

    Basic Training

    Accounts Receivable Overview
    • Order to Cash flow
    • System Roles and Processes
    • Processing Sales Order, Sales Ordre Fulfillment, Billing Sales Order, Apply
    • Customer Payment
    • Issuing Credit Memo
    Managing Customer Account
    • Managing Customer Record
    • Customer Dashboard Management
    • Other Relationships – One customer record, multiple relationships
    • Communication / Multiple Address functions / Preferences
    • Credit Limit – Hold /Terms
    • Multiple Currency
    • Customer center access / Multiple Subsidiary
    • Discuss the Flow of Purchase Order flow chart
    Managing Customer Account
    • Demo (New Customer Records)
    • Exercise
    Discuss the Sales Transaction Process
    • Item Master (Item types)
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Sales Order Fulfillment
    • GL Impact

    Multi-Book Accounting Training

    Training and Implementation Overview

    Multi-book Accounting OverviewMulti-book Implementation
    • Implementation Considerations
    • Limitations
    Use Cases
    • Supported Use Cases
    • Not Supported Use Cases
    Multi-book Accounting Setup
    • Enabling MB Feature
    • Accounting Book Status
    • Adding Accounting Books
    Multi-book Accounting HTP
    • HTP Overview
    Using Multi-Book Accounting
    • Chart of Accounts Mapping
    • Accounting Book Period Close Management
    • Foreign Currency Management
    • Revenue & Expense Management
    • Book-Generic and Book Specific Records
    DEMOAdjustment-Only Book OverviewExercises

    Basic Workflow Training

    Basic Training

    Overview of SuiteFlow/Workflow
    • Permissions
    • Enabling the feature
    • Workflow Sample/Demo
    Working with Workflows
    • Creation
    • Properties
    • States
    • Actions
    • Transitions
    • Conditions
    Workflow Administration
    • Workflow Instance & History
    • Testing & Troubleshooting Workflows
    • SuiteFlow References
      • Triggers
      • States
      • Event Types
      • Templates
      • Actions
      • Transitions
      • Conditions
    Hands on – Workflow
    • Demo
    • Exercise

    Adaptive Planning Open Forum

    Free open Q&A for any questions about Adaptive Planning.

    AUDIENCE :Any Adaptive Admin / End Users - CFO, FP&A, Finance, IT

    This is free session open to anyone using or interested in Workday Adaptive Planning. Questions may include:

    • How to perform a certain task?
    • Is Adaptive a good fit for a business function?
    • What’s the best practice for a certain business scenario?
    • Any problem encountered while using Adaptive

    Roles and Permissions Training

    Discuss the access controls in NetSuite
    • Data Security
    • What is a role?
    • Permissions and Access Levels Overview
    • Security Layers on a Role
    Roles and Permissions
    • Accessing Standard NetSuite Roles
    • The Administrator Role
    • Customizing a Role
    • Customize the Role – Other Subtabs

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