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NetSuite saved searches are a great way to have custom views and reports. One of the main features of NetSuite is the ability it provides to view all of your business data through Dashboard, Saved Searches, Reports & KPIs. One of the most important things about an ERP system is the ability to review data reports to understand better how the company is doing. There are two options to review data with NetSuite ERP: Saved Search and Reports.

How experts can take advantage of NetSuite financial reporting tools

NetSuite is a financial statement report software and reporting tool that displays data for business use and the saved set of data results. Reports are more user-friendly and more visually appealing. NetSuite reporting tools allow customizing the standard reports using Report Builder.
NetSuite’s easy-to-use Financial Report Builder tool allows you to craft the financial statements you need for your reporting requirements. This includes grouping financial data differently, for example by classification rather than account, or including additional data in the report such as budget details.

NetSuite financial report builder is used to create customized financial statements. With the help of Netsuite report builder, you can create these financial reports more efficiently.

You can easily edit or generate any form of report, based on its category, with the help of report builder functionality of NetSuite. The NetSuite custom Reports Builder allows you to modify the appearance and information from reports with numerous features with which you can create the perfect report for you.

The data can be grouped, extended, and structured as you display the report in ways that make it easy for any user to read and understand. This makes them popular for creating shared reports where one user creates a report to share with others, which enables a team to see a quick snapshot of data and ensure they are seeing the same thing. The reports are simple to put on a dashboard for quick views, and even allow you to view them in the bar charts.

NetSuite Financial Reporting system includes a variety of reporting capabilities that you can use to retrieve, present, and analyze real-time business results. NetSuite's financial management reporting solution is used by thousands of organizations to manage their accounting as per needs.

There are two type of reports:
Financial Reports

  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

If you need to customize Financial report then you will need to use Financial Report Builder.
Regular Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Does not need to use Financial Report Builder for customizing to Regular Reports.
Accessing Reports
  • Go to the Reports Dashboard by clicking on the Reports menu.
  • From there, you can choose which report you would like to view or customize
  • Another option is to use Reports menu to select the reports you would like to view or customize.

Building reports in NetSuite: NetSuite custom reports can be created using following steps

1. Reports -> New Report
2. Now select the type of report that you want to create
3. To add more columns, filters to your report, select a field from the "Add Fields".
4. You can view your report by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button.

For Financial Report: Reports >> New Financial Report

Learn how to use NetSuite Saved Search

A NetSuite saved search is one of the most powerful tools that is used for retrieving real time data using multiple reusable search criteria. Saved search results provide reporting and tracking and can serve as the basis for business analysis and strategic decision-making. In NetSuite, the Saved Search Formula is one of the fantastic features. For advanced searches and saved searches, you can define formulas. You can highlight specific values, restrict access, utilize complex formulas to get results over records, and many other things.

When you define a saved search, you can specify that the results are automatically sent to selected recipients by email, if you have the Publish Search permission. Saved search has an execution log subtab. You can see the dates and time of each execution of the search, name of the users who have run or exported the saved search. In SuiteScript, you can also use existing saved search or can create new saved search using the NetSuite saved search API.

How are saved searches used in NetSuite?

  • List Views
  • Sublist Views
  • DashBoard Views
  • KPI
  • Remainders
Accessing Saved Searches
  • Lists -> Search -> Saved Searches
  • Reports -> Saved Searches -> New
  • On an existing or list, click on the search link, then click on create saved search
  • On an existing list, click on customize view, then click on More options
  • Key in the name of an existing saved search on the Global Search
Creating A Saved search
1. Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New
2. Now choose the record type which your search will be based on.
3. Now, define the filter/criteria of your saved search result. The Criteria subtab allows you to select what details must be true about the record for it to be included in the search. You can set the multiple criteria.
4. Set the values that you want to see in your search result. The Results Section specifies what column headers and row data should be displayed in the search. By default there are some fields already selected for you but you can add, remove fields as per your requirement.
5.Saved searches provide a variety of highlighting options you can use this feature to call attention to selected search result rows.
6.Available filters tab allows you to modify the data directly from the results. Using this you can further customize the search while the results are already displayed.
7. The Audience and Roles subtabs allow you to select who has access to the search. If Saved Search is set to Private, provide access to some users, groups, or roles. Also provides further detail on how the users, groups, or roles can access the search.
8. Email subtab allows you to schedule the search to run, and to send the results to assigned users. You can also send the Email alerts to assigned users when a record has either been created or modified.
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