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Service companies need to ensure that they have the right business systems in place to achieve success in order to drive customer satisfaction and business innovation.

If there's one thing that all project-based businesses, such as advertising agencies and IT services firms have in common, it's a marketplace that’s quickly evolving for both clients and employees alike.

Both groups are craving new forms of engagement through remote capabilities and will likely want to see more for the foreseeable future.Efficiency and productivity through added automation and business process insight will be at a premium.

Achieve additional insight over the entire customer development process to achieve customer satisfaction across the board with Upaya - The Solution Inc.

Do you want to achieve optimum profitability using NetSuite OpenAir PSA?

Learn why NetSuite’s OpenAir is best for Services Businesses

For successful companies in the service industry, buying the right enterprise and business software can make a big difference between protecting the status quo and moving to the next level. However, the implementation partner is just as vital to success.

While the software provides the framework you need to scale, your service partner enables the transformation of your business. This is why Cloud ERP NetSuite’s OpenAir is an exceptional partner to scale up your services business.

Key Solutions

  • Professional Services Automation
  • Services Resources Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • NetSuite ERP
  • OpenAir

Key Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater visibility
  • Improved controls
  • Improved accuracy of invoicing
  • Proactive decision-making
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Increased profit margins
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Optimized revenue streams
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced the cost to serve

Why get Upaya’s OpenAir Services for your Company?

The implementation of the ERP system can be extremely disruptive. We understand that time is extremely valuable for an industry that is constantly striving to deliver prompt services. You want a quick implementation and a clear timeframe with key milestones to make it go-live. Upaya - The Solution Inc. can make it happen for you.

We are the only NetSuite Solution Provider (partner) that brings the following unique capabilities :

PSA Functionality with NetSuite PSA or OpenAir.

Upaya’s NetSuite offers PSA functionality via NetSuite PSA or OpenAir.Our team of NetSuite Services recommends the best option for your unique requirements.

Experience with the Services Industry.

At Upaya - The Solution. Inc. our team of NetSuite Services has knowledge and experience in the services industry and a profound understanding of consulting and technology services companies, the challenges you encounter and the best practices to help you move towards an optimum state of operation. Some customers running successfully on NetSuite include Topdown Consulting, MiPro Enterprises, Kronos, YouGov to name a few.

Leading Business Acceleration Practices.

Our value proposition is that not only do we have a product tailored to service companies, but we also have a strong squad of consultants who work with service companies all day long and share good practices. In addition, our verticalization in a number of industries enables us to share guiding principles from the adjacent industry and to implement them more competently. These leading practices will help our customers to accelerate their business.

Expertise on NetSuite.

Upaya - The Solution Inc. has the highest number of certified NetSuite consultants on the market. With our proximity to product development, we have the benefit of delivering product development updates and a wide network of solution consultants and technical account managers with both product knowledge and implementation know-how.

Full Lifecycle Services.

We offer service industry companies support for the full life cycle of implementation—from initial implementation, through our exclusive SuiteSuccess methodology, through training by Upaya’s NetSuite Adoption Services and Training Team, to ongoing support through our Specialized Customer Support professional services.

Transformation of business model.

Upaya - The Solution Inc. as a trusted industry partner empowers service companies that want to transform their business model and licence their intellectual property and diversify and broaden their revenue streams with new offerings and recurring revenues. Upaya - The Solution Inc. is the partner who can help with this transformation. We have launched our own service management services and can help steer our customers in the services industry through this transition of the business.


We offer an agile and steadfast path for you to succeed by continually engaging you throughout the full life of your business, keeping you on an upward journey uniquely tailored to the service industry. SuiteSuccess has been designed to ensure the full integration of our Sales, Product, Delivery and Services teams so that we can sell what we deliver and deliver what we sell and enable your full business life. Our service team optimizes the SuiteSuccess framework and methodology to ensure a solution built and validated for service companies like yours.

OpenAir Excellence Center (COE)

Upaya’s NetSuite has set up a dedicated team to provide the NetSuite Services organization with the product and use expertise. The COE team offers input to the product development team on the basis of industry and customer insight through hands-on real-world experience. The COE team is partnering with the Account Management Team to ensure excellence.

Consolidated reports

We recognize the significance of consolidated reporting to our customers in the services industry. Our experts in NetSuite Services help you refine and generate these reports and ensure that your reporting system is running effectively.


Performance prediction can be as critical to service organizations as actual results, and often more difficult to measure. Our team allows you to leverage Upaya’s NetSuite for optimal resource forecasts, revenue and billing schedules, and forward-looking forecasts.

Investment in minimum time

Upaya’s NetSuite is your implementation partner—we do most of the heavy lifting. Typically, the customer provides a couple of hours a week for two to four months, and then they're on the best breed platform.

High-level user adoption

Our training, training and testing teams guarantee a successful solution that works and have a high rate of adoption. Upaya’s NetSuite is committed to the development of your business and is therefore committed to the successful adoption of the platform by your organization.

Improved business visibility and actionable insight

Our offerings and services provide actionable insights that inform how your business operates so that you can respond to market pressure and expectations with real-time views of tailored KPIs that allow you to manage by exception.
Are you unable to measure and analyze your business in real-time and, as a result, are unable to implement suitable strategic decisions to sustain (or initiate) growth and profitability? See Services Organization Visibility Checklist here to score your services organization and adapt to the best partner for your business service implementation.

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