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We’re Upaya, the 5-Star NetSuite Solution Partner for NetSuite ERP since 2012. Over the past 13 years, we have helped 750+ companies to meet their global goals, achieve business ROI, and expand into new markets by successfully implementing NetSuite ERP and adopting best practices. We have worked diligently to assemble the best products and provide best-in-class support services for NetSuite ERP and its related offerings.


Our products are built on the rich experience of our certified subject matter experts: business process analysts, data architects, and technical consultants. Upaya provides tailor-made and fully customized software solutions that are cost-effective, user friendly, and prioritize your unique business requirements.

Our services are rooted in our mantra: “On time and in budget.” Whether you need implementation services, support, training, or a custom development project, Upaya can help. Our consultants have extensive training and project planning expertise in NetSuite, Adaptive Insights, and Salesforce. NetSuite ERP is a scalable cloud ERP solution designed by Oracle for mid-size businesses and large enterprises. NetSuite helps to control, monitor and manage various business and functional tasks such as revenue management, finance management, sales order management, billing an advanced inventory management among others.

Which NetSuite Editions would fit my business?

NetSuite offers the following types of base editions or NetSuite versions which can be subscribed based on different ERP modules provided through them :

  • CRM essential: The CRM edition is focused on companies that would like to use ERP to manage interactions with the existing and prospective customers.
  • Standard Edition: The Standard edition is the most popular as compared to other editions and implemented by companies needing the best of the breed edition. It is used by organizations which need basic editions of different modules such as financial management, Human resource management among others.
  • OneWorld: (Previously Oracle Small Business Suite): OneWorld edition can handle all of international transactions and operations, and mark entries with respect to their individual subsidiaries in different countries.
  • SuiteSuccess edition: Apart from above mentioned Standard ERP editions, NetSuite also provides pre-built edition called as NetSuite SuiteSuccess starter edition which contains pre-configured bundles and dashboards (such as ecommerce edition, financial edition) which are developed by considering all best practices followed in various industries such as manufacturing industries, service industries among others. As it is already engineered and customized to key requirements and business processes, hence it becomes easy to configure according to business needs and go-live in a short span of time.

NetSuite License types

NetSuite ERP pricing and license costs depend on the type of license that you want to subscribe to. NetSuite licenses are categorized based on the number of users who will be using NetSuite software. NetSuite licenses can be subscribed based on following types of business categorization:

  • Small Business Edition: This type of license is normally taken by small businesses that need 1 user license.
  • Limited Edition: The Limited Edition license is used by companies that need access to a maximum of 10 users (full access to 10 users)
  • Mid Market Edition: Mid-Market edition is used by companies that need access to 11-1000 users.
  • Enterprise Edition: The Enterprise Edition is specifically targeted for companies that need full user access for more than 1,000 employees.

Upaya facilitates a dedicated NetSuite account manager for its clients as per requirements and feasibility. If you want to know more details about NetSuite software pricing or if you want access to the free trial of Oracle NetSuite account, you can contact us as below mentioned details. Please click here if you want to watch NetSuite Demo video.

Technology Strategy

If you’re currently evaluating a business application as part of your technology strategy, Upaya can study your internal organizational and business processes to provide a recommendation that will best support your company.

Systems Implementation

Our processes are designed to get your project completed on time and in budget, regardless of platform, industry, or overall business need.

System Integration

We provide technical expertise to integrate your disparate applications and provide collaboration and communication between platforms. Our integration experience includes accounting, back office ERP, ecommerce, CRM, project management, and more.

Data Services

Upaya helps companies migrate complex data from various applications and verify data integrity. Whether you’re looking to migrate from QuickBooks, Peachtree, MS Dynamics, Deltek, or something else, we will improve your business intelligence & insights.

Website & Webstore

Reflect your business in the best possible light with a webstore that tells your story clearly and effectively. Our proven experience will ensure your website and webstores are built perfectly and run together seamlessly.

Email Capture Plugin

Automate task creation and assignment, elevate escalations through email, authenticate emails, and do even more through a native plugin for NetSuite that defines properties based on contents of email messages.

Adaptive Insights

Whether you’re looking for help in securing the right software licenses, or if you need consultation support with your application, Upaya can help. We’re able to offer holistic solutions that enables your team to get more work done with Adaptive Insights than ever before.

Other Services

Looking for more support, but don’t see it listed here? Contact us below and let us know what you’re seeking. With over 600 completely satisfied customers, we’re positive that we will define a customized support service strategy that’s right for you!

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