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What your financial forecasting software says about you

NetSuite Planning & Budgeting is a tool that enables organizations to quickly adopt a budgeting and forecasting software.This forecasting software allows you to create and design your own forecasting models with business rules, dimension, drivers and assumptions. Built in roles and permissions allows your business unit heads and department managers the flexibility to plan on their own and later on collaborate with each other to provide more valuable strategic plans and forecasts. As changes happen in your operations, like a new product launch, or something unforeseen happens, like a pandemic, you can easily modify your plans and forecasts to adapt to the current situation.

With this, you can now create monthly and quarterly forecasts, scenario analysis while you still continue to plan on an annual basis. Because it’s seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, it allows you to build reports that compare your past and future performances. This makes it efficient for you to plan and manage your finances as well as the business operations and make informed decisions.
Planning and Budgeting can be deployed via two separate versions, the Standard edition and the Premium edition. The Planning and Budgeting Standard edition facilitates both company-wide and departmental budgeting within one collaborative scalable solution. Pre-built data synchronization with NetSuite enables financial and operational data to be used throughout the entire budgeting process, eliminating the need to transfer data manually. You have access to drillable executive dashboards and revenue and operating expense projections templates. You can utilize actual and budget reports for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow that can be in multi-currency and multi-subsidiary. It also enables integration with Microsoft Office applications with Smartview.

Planning and Budgeting Premium Edition is intended to provide a holistic planning and budgeting solution that is primarily developed for your specific industry. While already being a comprehensive offering tailored toward your industry, this edition of Planning and Budgeting also allows for moderate customization to your business and acts as a springboard to accelerate future growth. It caters to industry specific models like Verticalized Metrics, Verticalized OpEx, Expense and Revenue planning and Workforce Planning. It makes use of driver and trend forecasting and generates financial reporting and variance analysis.

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NetSuite Planning & Budgeting is on the cloud. So you can access the PBCS reports, business rules and perform audits at any time from anywhere. You can also guarantee that Upaya’s team of experts are also online to support you in every way whenever you need and wherever you are.

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