Complexities in Manufacturing Achieved Through NetSuite

Manufacturing companies continue to strive for growth, improvisation and enhanced efficiency. They look for a modernized approach to manage their inventory at multiple locations. As they streamline their processes, they also need to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Quality management and profitability become important factors, too. As such, there is a paradigm shift towards digitization and cloud computing is driving that shift both strategically and operationally.

There is a real need for an ERP that is capable of supporting diversified and geographically dispersed manufacturing operations while remaining relatively simple, agile, and easy to implement and modify. It’s also important that such ERP has an easy-to-use logic that can be easily learned by users in many countries with different levels of technical expertise.

NetSuite's cloud business management solutions provide the foundation manufacturing companies need to streamline critical business processes. By automating the entire product lifecycle management and quote-to-cash and plan-to-report processes, NetSuite helps manufacturers: Deliver better quality products. NetSuite provides access to data which includes current inventory management levels, expected procurement, and forecast of sales, among others, which will enable organizations to plan and schedule operations to generate favorable results.

With NetSuite, manufacturing companies can continue to develop and produce high-quality products and services, and achieve business growth, and adapt to complex manufacturing requirements in today’s dynamic and collaborative business environment


Manufacturing Made Easy

Optimized inventory management

Maintain proper stock for production and avoid wastage of raw materials

Integrated data from multiple sites

Address warehouse availability and utilize resources in a much better way

Quality Management and Profitability

Streamlined processes yields high-quality products, reduces costs and maximizes profitability

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