Upaya Job Costing

Upaya Job Costing helps track total estimates, actuals and budget for a project. The Project Budget allows the user to define Original budgeted cost, Current budgeted cost and Current budgeted revenue. The module helps categorizes revenue, procurement costs, and other expenses by cost category where reports are available in summary and detail levels. WIP Processing is also part of the Upaya Job Costing module. The WIP Process posts the Expenses and Cost of Goods incurred against the project to a WIP (Balance Sheet) account. The WIP process creates journal entries with type as ‘WIP’ transferring the expenses or cost of goods to WIP account.

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Costing Formats

Project Overall Summary

Project Revenue Summary

Project Procurement Summary

Project Expected COGS Summary

Project Actual COGS Summary

Project Other Expenses Summary

Project Summary By Cost Category

Project Inventory Allocation


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