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FedEx Shipping Integration is available in NetSuite's wholesale delivery software, allowing consumers, vendors, and employees to monitor shipments at any time and from any location. The issue of manually sharing data between separate order management, package tracking, delivery, and customer service systems is also eliminated with this integrated offering.

FedEx NetSuite Integration for Ecommerce & Retail

With FedEx handling over 30% of all shipments in the United States, it's no surprise that FedEx shipping integration has become a vital choice for online retailers, especially in the field of expedited shipments, where it has a substantial lead over competitors. It's no surprise, then, that FedEx ecommerce integration is such an essential part of every online storefront's business model.

Customers demand direct, instant communication about the status of their order and subsequent shipment in today's ecommerce shopping experience. Shipping confirmation emails also provide a direct connection to the shipper's website with the tracking number pre-selected to make it easier for customers. The customer can monitor the status of their shipment with only one click from the confirmation email. We can achieve this feature in NetSuite by using a dynamic URL connection in our shipping confirmation email when a real-time shipping integration (such as FedEx or UPS) is used.

FedEx NetSuite Integration for Ecommerce & Retail

  • FedEx Shipping Integration in NetSuite enables advanced shipping and receiving while removing obsolete, disparate business processes.
  • The time it takes to fulfil orders is drastically reduced when FedEx shipping labels are produced within the NetSuite wholesale distribution solution.
  • Customers would be more satisfied and loyal if you provide them with quicker delivery and complete insight into shipment status.

Extended Functionalities

  • FedEx account shipments are tracked in real time.
  • Printing of shipping labels with a tight integration
  • Automate the generation of shipping tracking numbers.
  • Create records for customs, responsibilities, and insurance.
  • Enable for a smooth workflow with several points in the pipeline.
  • For foreign shipments, create customs documents.
  • Allow multilingual ecommerce shipping labels to be used.
  • Integrate monitoring data into ERP and CRM systems in a dynamic way.

FedEx Integration

Get All FedEx options for a shipping address

  • Select the option and auto set the shipping information on the Sales Order
  • Optionally we can show both List & Negotiated Rates
  • Make Outbound rate on Sales Order a formula of List and Negotiated rate


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