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Upaya's 4-step Implementation Process

Certified NetSuite Implementation Partners

Upaya’s Approach is a proven methodology that allows you to make the most of your NetSuite ERP Implementation.

  1. Engage both parties to actively participate in the knowledge transfer process to ensure that all business requirements are gathered, discussed and evaluated to provide an effective ERP system implementation
    • - Determine the cost of NetSuite Licenses based on the defined users
      - Work on an effective Implementation Strategy
  2. Drive and walkthrough the business processes to prepare for configuration and data migration. It gives you an opportunity to identify gaps for process improvement.
    • - Conduct Business Process Re-engineering
      - Apply Customization & Personalization
  3. Enable NetSuite ERP so users can test the effectiveness and efficiency of the cloud based ERP.
    • - Customize a Data Migration plan
  4. Convert the ERP system implementation to its live state and provide support for transition and deployment.
    • - Conduct a complete ERP System Health Check
      - Offer Administrator and Web Services

Our 4-step process makes Netsuite an ERP software for small businesses and large ones, too.

ERP implementation support

Let us device a strategy for you that….

  • Will influence and shape the successful implementation, application and use of NetSuite ERP within your organization
  • Will guide you on the core fundamental aspects including:
    • Clear definition and understanding of business needs
    • Attainable roadmap for enabling desired capabilities
    • Understanding of functional and process integration points
    • Meaningful data and reporting strategy

Business Process Review & Optimization

Leveraging our deep industry experience, NetSuite Implementation Consultants can help you get into the detail on your business processes, weed out inefficiencies and achieve real business outcomes through:

  • Identification and mapping out your current processes
  • Analyze them by talking to Stakeholders
  • Map out your new plan and objectives
  • Find out how technology fits into your new plan
  • Maximizing ROI from technology investment

Get NetSuite Customization & Personalization you need

Our development services extend and enhance the value of your ERP by designing, creating and developing unique dashboards, reports, settings and more that adapt to your business needs. Our offerings include:

  • SuiteScript
  • Suitelet
  • Workflow Automation
  • Web Services
  • SuiteTalk
  • Email Capture Plugin

Our experienced programmers can build a custom application utilizing NetSuite's SuiteCloud platform. Possibilities of developing Applications on top of the platform are endless and make the big difference in managing your entire business.

Data Migration

Are you operating with obsolete or unwanted application with data distributed all over?
And, do you intend to move your data into a unified cloud-based software system?

We can customize a Data Migration Plan for you to extract data from your multiple & heterogeneous systems, structure it in coherent hierarchies and import it, leveraging its inbuilt toolbox and Upaya’s data migration service

Health Check Up

Are you an existing user of NetSuite, or are having difficulties with your ERP system implementation?

  • Our team of local certified implementation consultants are here to help. We have assisted over 750 customers evaluate their implementation and configuration projects, advise on remediation of any current issues or problems, and provide solutions for ongoing improvement of your system.
  • Upaya’s Health Check provides an in-depth report of your entire NetSuite environment—including custom workflows, scripts and data.
  • The Health Check is an actionable report to help you understand the platform better, including where performance can be improved and where enhancements can be made

NetSuite Administrator Services & Web Services

Our experts can take care of day-to-day management of your NetSuite System.

Services Included:

  • All tasks of the Administrator Role like troubleshoot issues with login, reporting, permissions, simple searches, and more
  • General support
  • Employee admin, such as add/remove, roles, permissions, access
  • Report Customization
  • Saved Searches and Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Form customization, optimization
  • Forms Add/remove fields
  • Any basic set-up or reconfiguration

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