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Oracle NetSuite CRM is a cloud-based software package that provides global and integrated business applications, as well as a current and potential customer relationship management solution (CRM) that helps businesses to make decisions and control operating costs and efficiency in a comprehensive and efficient manner. NetSuite CRM software offers a real-time, holistic customer view across the customer lifecycle, from lead generation to pricing, delivery, renewal, cross-sell, and support.

Grow Relationships with NetSuite CRM Solutions

NetSuite CRM+ is a cloud CRM system. NetSuite CRM modules include sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer care and service, eCommerce, and versatile customization. NetSuite CRM+ also provides strong sales success management, order management, and partner management, unlike traditional CRM solutions.

See what your future holds with real-time forecasting from multiple sources compiled into single sheet reporting for opportunity aging, time to close, lost analysis, stalled opportunities and regression.

Main Advantages

  • Simplifies lead-to-cash processes.
  • With a 360-degree view of your clients, you can boost efficiency across the board.
  • Forecasting, upselling, and commission management also help to improve sales efficiency.
  • Manages distribution and service companies around the world.
Using a single platform that is easily integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce investments, the company can handle the entire consumer lifecycle and respond to customer needs.

NetSuite CRM gives the team the resources they need to provide excellent customer service and support during the customer lifecycle, from initial interest to brand loyalty. Data-driven decisions, as well as easily accessible reporting and analytics, revenue forecasting, and quota management, allow the company to operate efficiently.

NetSuite CRM pricing starts at $129.00 per month. When paired with the complete NetSuite ERP offering, NetSuite CRM Software expands CRM features and functionality even further. NetSuite CRM application modules make it possible to use the device with suppliers, staff, partners, and any other partnerships you have in a simple and straightforward manner. This provides a strong central contact channel for all of your business's processes.

NetSuite pricing is divided into four sections, two of which are mandatory and two of which are optional. User licences are included in the base kit (for example, ERP or NetSuite CRM cost) for all NetSuite customers. Fixed Assets and Project Management are two additional components that can be added to the base kit. Customers can opt to switch to a service tier with more horsepower, which comes standard with all base packages.

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