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NetSuite Bronto Software for Marketing Professionals

NetSuite’s Bronto Marketing Platform is a cloud-based email marketing automation program that help companies improve customer engagement and sales. It interacts with most e-commerce systems, allowing you to keep all of your consumer details (such as shopping habits) in one location. The Bronto Marketing Platform offers sophisticated marketing automation to retailers, allowing them to optimize sales opportunities. The Bronto Platform enables customized, multi-channel content to be delivered via email, SMS, and the web, resulting in the higher engagement needed to boost revenue.

To configure messaging workflows, the solution employs a drag-and-drop interface. Marketers can create personalized campaigns with targeted messages using specific consumer data. Campaigns and messages are delivered through a variety of platforms, including email, telephone, and social media. Marketers can also use the analytical tools built into the platform to monitor the progress of their campaigns.

The Bronto Email marketing solution assists marketers in reaching consumers at all stages of the consumer lifecycle, from acquisition to conversion. Options to sign-up, reviews, monitoring of abandoned carts, and coupons are just a few of the features provided by some of these tools.

Marketing Automation Software for NetSuite ERP

Finding the next percent of growth is what marketing is all about. It's all about rising sales, partnerships, referrals, and credibility. Nothing compares to email marketing in terms of efficacy.

NetSuite continues to invest in the Bronto Marketing Platform to ensure it is the most sophisticated commerce marketing platform on the market, allowing businesses to use email to boost their growth. NetSuite keeps on releasing new updates to assists marketers in increasing efficiency while maintaining the personal touch that customers expect. To make data-driven marketing easier, Oracle NetSuite integrates Bronto platform on top of NetSuite database which helps in easy integration and tracking of various campaigns run through NetSuite Bronto Marketing platform.
Other features offered by NetSuite’s Bronto platform include:

  • Marketing campaign consulting programs to assist businesses in gaining new clients and sales.
  • Deliverability of emails
  • Full-service marketing execution for businesses that need additional marketing tools.
  • Training/optimization

Is Bronto marketing platform right for you?

For a true unified customer view, the Bronto Marketing Platform seamlessly integrates with virtually all ecommerce sites, including those you've developed yourself, as well as other marketing technologies. From sign-up to check-out and re-engagement, Bronto helps to orchestrate seamless consumer engagements through email, SMS, and the web at every point of the customer lifecycle.

The Bronto Marketing Platform enables you to deliver data-driven digital marketing campaigns on timely basis that increases consumer engagement and revenue across the customer lifecycle. Measuring and increasing engagements through email, web, SMS, and social media has never been easier. Thanks to simple tools and advanced features by Bronto.

How is Bronto Marketing Platform different from Bronto software competitors?

Following features sets the Bronto Marketing Platform different from other email marketing solutions:

  • Commercially built: Keeping the focus on highly relevant messages at each touchpoint of the purchasing process, it helps you drive engagement and sales.
  • Fast and easy to use: Build complex campaigns with ease using message formation, segmentation, personalization, and automation.
  • A/B testing: Bronto offers a sophisticated email marketing platform that allows very complex segmentation, A/B testing capabilities and workflow triggers to automate campaigns.
  • Pre-built templates: Bronto offers pre-built templates which provide quick-start opportunities, while there is also the option to get fancy with dynamic content.

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