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SuiteFlow Localization & Transform Record

Learn the new NetSuite Workflow features this NetSuite 2020.2: Localization - enables you to initiate workflows according to subsidiary, and Redirect without Saving - enables you to Transform NetSuite records and be redirected to the new record

Memorized Transactions & GL Impact Printing

Enhancements to Memorized Transactions (Support for Scripting and SuiteFlow on Automatically Created Memorized Transactions):
- A general preference to select whether automatic memorized transactions will be created by -System- or by the user who last edited the memorized transaction definition or memorized transaction template.
- This will allow server-side scripting and SuiteFlow on these transactions.
-User role and employee inactivation will be checked before every posting
Enhancements to GL Impact Printing, allowing you to print:
- GL impact of a transaction for all accounting books. (Single and bulk printing is supported for all accounting books)
- GL impact of a transaction directly from the transaction page without the need to go to the GL Impact page
- GL impact per subsidiary
- GL impact via SuiteScript 2.0

Expense Report Policies

In NetSuite 2020.2, you can now define policies to limit the expenses your employees can enter. When creating an expense policy, you can set up the following:
■ set a start date and end date on which the policy is valid
■ define filters for the application of the policy
■ determine how to apply the limit
The training agenda covers the audience who will benefit from this new feature, user benefits, pre-requisites & setup, feature overview and demo session.

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