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NetSuite has announced the recent characteristics in the highlyanticipated release of NetSuite 2019.2.There will be improvements across a number of system fields, such as economic capacities and even more strong analytics, as well as a broad variety of fresh industry-specific characteristics.

NetSuite clients profit from two significant annual software updates that happen automatically, meaning that everyone running on NetSuite operates on the most up-to-date software version.

Read on and see some of the excellent new features that NetSuite users can use.

Mobile Enhancements

One of the inherent benefits of running NetSuite is that it is 100% cloud-based, meaning users can stay connected anytime, anywhere, including via the mobile app, and access their data.

With the launch of 2019.2, iPhone users running the NetSuite App will now be able to record time and expenses offline, and then synchronize all data once linked.

Simplified navigation will also assist customers to manage quickly through the app, and a dashboard call log allows simple monitoring of incoming and outgoing business call.


The new intuitive interface implemented in the launch of NetSuite 2019.2 implies clients can now access precious and insightful NetSuite information more quickly than ever before. Pre-built SuiteAnalytics workbooks for Commerce, Sales and Procurement can recognize where future enhancement possibilities or potential hazards exist.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Oracle NetSuite Release 2 provides managers with instruments for project management improvements to guarantee enhanced visibility, control and effectiveness. With release 2, companies can monitor profitability through Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which shows cost and income over time periods that can be customized.Users can readily evaluate project budgets with all these changes to create more informed choices that will ultimately enhance project results.

Global Financials

The release of NetSuite 2019.2 provides a number of characteristics that further improve NetSuite's worldwide finance capacities including:

• Improved management and accounting of multi-subsidiary.

• New sophisticated features of information imports that simplify bank reconciliation.

• Recognition skills for more flexible and granular income.

• Improved support for your worldwide activities with general ledger effect printing for China and extra techniques of depreciation for Japan.

HCM Improvements

New capacities in human capital management allow HR decision-makers to better comprehend the tenure of employees by rapidly looking at important milestones and timelines. They can handle accruals hourly, including audit paths for how accruals are earned, readily.

Industry-Specific Enhancements

NetSuite Warehouse Management will allow wholesale retailers and suppliers to boost productivity with the particular wave release method, paperless picking, and an intuitive mobile interface.NetSuite will assist improve service levels for clients by optimizing present and future inventory assets for client orders. Supply Chain Control Tower upgrades will provide unparalleled visibility, allowing producers and wholesale retailers through anticipated hazards and suggested measures to prevent issues in their supply chains.

We are excited about these changes and how it will enhance customers success.

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