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Why Should Magento Customers Adopt NetSuite?

NetSuite is the #1 ERP system in the market today. It is one of the most flexible and scalable ERP systems. Once NetSuite system is installed it will expand as your business grows. You will never have to install another back-office system, it’s a back-office system you will never outgrow. NetSuite powers over 21,000 customers worldwide.

With NetSuite integration, you get better visibility of your customers. Magento has access to customer data stored in NetSuite in real time, such as order status and history. This means your customers have access to all their interactions with your business in one place. NetSuite provides a single source of truth for customer data.

*Get special Magento/NetSuite Integration and Upaya's services pricing when you purchase a NetSuite license through Upaya*

Unlock the power of Magento and NetSuite with Upaya’s seamless integration

Upaya’s Magento to NetSuite Integration is fully automated and all of data is real time. Our seamless integration solution will let you focus on increasing sales and fulfillment, while eliminating order entry errors and saving time and overhead costs.

Why Upaya?

Upaya has been a premier solutions provider for last 14 years. We work closely with Magento customers and help them integrate with NetSuite to grow their business by unlocking the combined power of these two products.

Integration of Magento and NetSuite is key to maximize your ROI from both systems. There are many pre-built integration connectors available across the marketplace. However, the vast majority of merchants opt to work with a solution provider who has a track record of successful Magento-NetSuite integrations. Upaya has this proven and successful track record. We have completed over 750+ projects and have over 150+ years of combined NetSuite & Magento experience.

Upaya’s Magento NetSuite Integration Benefits:

  • Reduced cost and errors: Over 165% increase in Order Management Efficiency.
  • Consistent Product Information in Real-Time: Over 80% increase in order numbers and order size.
  • 360 Degree View of Customer: Over 73% increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Fewer Manual Processes: Over 85% manual processes eliminated and seamlessly automated workflows put in place.
  • One –time set up fixed cost no recurring subscription fees.

Upaya’s Magento NetSuite Integration Features:

  • Automatic Synch of Inventory and Product Info

    • Export item data from NetSuite to Magento
    • Real-time update of inventory levels from NetSuite to Magento
    • Consolidate and update multiple warehouses in NetSuite to Magento
    • Multiple pricing tiers and multiple currencies supported

  • Automatic Synch of Sales Orders, Customers & Billing Info

    • Import sales orders from Magento into NetSuite
    • Import customer data from Magento to NetSuite
    • Import billing information for all sales orders from Magento to NetSuite
    • Automate recurring sales orders
    • Support multiple payment gateways
    • Create customers from Magento in NetSuite
    • Export Sales Order history from NetSuite to Magento

  • Automatic Export of Fulfillment & Shipping Data from NetSuite to Magento

    • Export fulfilled sales order status from NetSuite to Magento in real-time
    • Export shipping details from NetSuite to Magento for fulfilled sales orders in real-time
    • Support partial fulfillment of orders
    • Invoice generation in NetSuite and/or Magento

  • Magento NetSuite Integration Add-On Features

    • Synchronize credit memos between Magento and NetSuite
    • Sync group items from Magento with kit items in NetSuite
    • Export manual sales orders taken in NetSuite to Magento
    • Import order cancellations from Magento to NetSuite
    • Support additional payment gateways
    • Any other feature/functionality required

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