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How to achieve a more effective sales process through Salesforce

Reliable customer-sales relationships are essential to a successful business. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the strongest driver that allows salespeople to boost customer loyalty. However, the idea of a cloud CRM like Salesforce may be a fresh concept for those of you who are still stuck using spreadsheets and other adhoc technologies to handle sales. Companies that strive to enhance their sales pipeline and close more deals with Salesforce ultimately understand that they need to go beyond periodic sales effectiveness surveillance and countless dashboards for pipelines. Rather, this method begins with a seamless workflow that explains how sales reps are supposed to work with leads to turn them into closed sales deals. Using Salesforce lead management, companies can effectively organize, qualify and nurture leads as well as convert them into opportunities thereby increasing sales and bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams.

1.Conduct Marketing

The first stage in the process of sales is to collect leads. Both old-school outbound and innovative inbound marketing strategies are a sure way to do this. Inbound marketing, involving optimization of blogging, social media, website and search engine, and email marketing, is rapidly replacing traditional outbound marketing strategies such as cold calling, online advertising, and direct mail.

They can be registered in Salesforce once leads begin filling in from your marketing attempts. At this stage, data quality is very crucial to make sure that you define what areas are needed and what data you need specific to your company about each lead.

2.Qualify Leads and conduct need assessment

Lead qualification is a component of the sales process. Collecting customer information at this point is critical to enabling you to efficiently qualify your lead. In this respect, it is hard to overestimate the importance of CRM instruments.

 Salesforce Sales Cloud provides the ability to create a full client profile, track data such as contacts and significant interactions.

 Gathering and analyzing data from social media is essential to help sales reps pick the leads to focus on rather than waste time on those that will never convert. Besides, it helps sales reps to better understand the prospect needs and expectations regarding a potential deal.

3.Manage Opportunities

They become a chance once you qualify a lead–in principle, a "hot" lead showing their commitment to becoming a client. The criteria for shifting a lead to an opportunity may vary for each company, but usually, when a proposal and price data is exchanged, a lead becomes an opportunity and you have an estimated value for the agreement. An opportunity remains just that until the deal is either won or lost. In the latter case, either a lead or a contact is redefined as the failed opportunity. Keep in mind that storing "dead" leads is important so that when the moment is right they can be contacted again. There is nothing wrong with re-marketing!

4.Account Management

It's time to handle your accounts, last but not least. Make sure that you provide adequate customer support. Fortunately, you can collect all information about your clients with Salesforce account and contact management as well as store all significant interactions and instances of customer service in one location. This way, you can take your customer dialog to a fresh level and make your sales method considerably easier.

Salesforce Service Cloud can also be used to provide customer support. In addition, you can now evaluate recurring problems that customers experience with their services, allowing you to review and fine-tune what doesn't work.

5.Improve your timing

As far as sales operations are concerned, the best time to act is when the lead is prepared. Naturally, leads may not let you know when they're prepared to commit, so that means you are prepared to follow up.

80% of sales require at least five follow ups before they can be completed. Likewise, 63% of people requesting information on a company will not purchase for at least three months, and 20% will take more than 12 months to commit.

That's not to say it's a waste of time being the first on the scene. 35-50% of sales actually go to the vendor that responds first. The key to getting your timing correct with potential clients consistently is to demonstrate up soon and keep up with regular follow-ups.

6.Follow Up

Closing your sale doesn't mean you're done with your work. In reality, it's just the start of your fruitful client collaboration, provided you manage to keep your connection. Since retaining the existing customers is significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones, nurturing and maintaining relationships is crucial. Sales reps can add a follow-up and select the due date for a significant email or meeting in Salesforce Sales Cloud so that they can proactively return to the client. In Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and the Salesforce mobile app, sales reps can invite individuals to conferences and see meetings. Sales reps can also create a Microsoft Outlook appointment for an event in Salesforce.

A Salesforce sales trainer and a number of leading tech companies have developed five tips for efficient follow-ups:

Ask your customer how they prefer to stay in touch: Knowing this information makes it possible for a sales representative to interact quickly with the client (via email, telephone or a text).

Ask what their preferred means of communication is:Salesforce enables a sales representative to save the customer's response to a Contact / Lead item and refer to it whenever, for instance, they need a discount program.

End each conversation with your customer with a clearly defined next step: Salesforce enables the creation of a job or event for this phase by sending the associated notification to the sales rep to determine the next step with the client.

Summarize your conversations and get written confirmations.

Do not reach your customer without a reason

7.Understanding Competition

Finally, Last but definitely not the least understanding who your competitors are and what competitive benefits they have to offer can assist you to stay up-to-date with where you might need to add to maintain your competitive edge and highlight your products and services. This understanding will assist you to react with those of your own to the projects of your rivals. The ways of tracking your competitors are numerous but painstaking:

Reviewing how your competitors reach their customers

Reviewing your competitors’ websites

Understanding pricing and special offers

Following competitors on social media

Buying directly from your competitor, etc.

Clearly, Salesforce offerings can automate, add efficiency, remove redundant manual efforts and offer a single source of consolidated information throughout the sales journey from prospect to a paying customer.

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