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How Should You Choose The Right ERP Implementation Partner?

It is imperative to choose the right ERP software, but the right way to deploy it depends heavily on selecting the right ERP implementation partner. A trusted execution partner's function is to assist you in developing a deployment plan, managing the deployment project and providing long-term support.

In this article, we will address several important elements of how prospective implementing partners for ERP can be evaluated.

1. Identify the requirements of your Business

Start assessing your company requirements by acknowledging the cracks between your different business processes in order to select the right implementation partner. Find out what works and doesn't work within your existing IT infrastructure.Search for ERP solution partners after identifying your business requirements that have addressed similar business requirements and supported other organizations in your industry.

2. Do your own investigations

Be sure to examine prospective partners separately before choosing an ERP platform and partner. In the long run, that will save you time and effort. Starting a project with a lower solution or an inexperienced technology partner may result in missed deadlines, unexpected expenditures, or an ERP deployment that does not fulfill all the company demands that it was designed to tackle. Once you have shortlisted a few potential companies, call themfor further details about their solutions and understand their methodologies.

3. Assessing potential partners

Select your implementing partner based on how they create end-to-end business value. Consider your options based on added value, strategic partnership, and matrix pricing. Choose a company that offers a wide range of diagnostics, implementation, managed services and options for support.Find out about their products and services, how solutions are implemented, and how long-term support is provided. Your perfect ERP partner in your sector will have effectively implemented comparable organizations.

4. Some assessment criteria

All vital elements of a successful execution project are your selected ERP solution, partner and inner team. Gain a good feeling about how well the team of your prospective partner would communicate with your own. Look for a group of experts who appear to "click" with your team member’s synergistically–clear communication, simple cooperation, and a positive, goal-driven approach. Pay special attention to the communication working processes of the prospective partner. A successful partner will have processes to communicate frequently between their execution team and their inner team, as well as their project executives and their own project decision makers. They should also be able to promote communication between the top leadership of the two sides if the need arises. Beware of solution providers who always say "yes" to your needs and wish lists. Having a favorable, can - do approach is one thing for an organization and another thing for them to attempt to impress you by promising more than they can actually deliver. Furthermore, a successful ERP implementation partner is more than a straightforward order-taker, even if they can effectively offer you everything you ask for. They should give advice and assert their professional views. For instance, there may be cases where you want a specific feature you've heard great things about, but it's not relevant to your business line and won't provide important ROI. Steering you away from such mistakes is the task of your execution partner. If they are more agreeable than they are practical, your ERP system will cost you more without providing any extra benefits.

5. Train and retain

To guarantee fast user acceptance, technology partners need to provide comprehensive training on newly implemented ERP systems. Most company users fail to leverage the vast majority of the productivity-enhancing capacities of their ERP system without adequate training. This significantly restricts the ROI provided by your ERP platform. Just as importantly, your perfect ERP partner must provide an acceptable level of long-term maintenance and operational support services. Reliable partners give Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that set acceptable reaction times, uptime solutions, maintenance schedules, etc.


Organizations aiming to improve the value of their ERP system should work together with reliable execution partners to minimize unforeseen problems during or after the rollout of the platform. You will have a detailed understanding of industry-specific requirements for the right implementation partner. To learn how we can make your ERP project a success, please contact Upaya.

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