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How Secure Is Your Company’s Financial Data?

About a decade ago, financial data was confined in office premises. The word ‘Cloud’ was regarded as unstable and insecure. No one dared to get into the Cloud. But the world evolved and Cloud became the most sought-after infrastructure. Now, everyone is in the Cloud. When the world is at your fingertips, how do you ensure that your data is not compromised?

Companies will spend thousands of dollars on buying the right and best ERP to fit their needs. If you availed the services of a Partner to implement your ERP, their services come with after-sales customer support, for a certain fee. Some would go ahead and subscribe to it. Though the cost is high, it provides a guarantee that you’re in good hands. Everything will be taken care of. Your mind will be at ease. You can focus on growing your business.

But for most, they will be scouting for cheaper after-sales customer support. They will provide logins and access to the systems to these other consultants. And when things go haywire, who gets the blame. When financial data starts to leak, who protects the data?

Recently, we have seen how many NetSuite Customers have taken this route by availing the services of unvetted consultants or consulting firms that may not even have presence in the country they are providing resources from. While the global cybersecurity market size is forecasted to grow to 248.26 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, to save a few dollars, the customers are taking the risk which can result in loss or leak of sensitive information or revenue loss and even business operations.

It’s not if it will happen but when it does happen and then what?

Are you asking these Questions to protect your company and sensitive data?

• Are the resources assigned full time employees of the company? 

• Are the consultants also being subcontracted from other consulting firms? 

• Does the company you hired to manage your systems have an office? 

• How confident are you that these consultants will secure your data from other phishing, network intrusions, data breaches and other cyberattacks? 

• What is the vetting process of the consulting companies before they give your login access?

The best solution is to put your company’s financials and future in trusted hands.

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