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How Companies Using NetSuite Benefit From Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle cloud Infrastructure is a set of complementary cloud services that enable you to build and run a wide range of applications and services in a highly available hosted environment.

Oracle’s infrastructure was built for database and java-based functionality, compatible with even the most demanding workloads. That means that adapting to carry NetSuite applications occurs with seamless governance, computing and networking.

NetSuite is a natural fit with Oracle’s growing cloud business:

NetSuite is rapidly expanding its data center footprint by leveraging the latest Oracle innovations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).Oracle Cloud Infrastructure melds all of the advantages of the public cloud with the control, efficiency, reliability and security to deliver high-performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services.

Oracle brings their technology ecosystems which will now be seamlessly available to NetSuite.

This infrastructure brings:

1.      Global Networking

2.      Database systems and storage

3.      On-demand additional computing power

NetSuite Benefits:

1. Leverage Developers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to leverage the thousands of developers and operations personnel that are working on the platform today, and now NetSuite is part of the family.

2. Efficiency, Reliability, and Performance

We also benefit from the improvements in efficiency, reliability, performance, and security that the very “elastic” Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was built upon.

3. Heightened Resilience

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s built-in resilience ensures unsurpassed continuity of service. This allows Oracle to provide the performance that enterprises need with world-class uptime guaranteed.

4. Database systems and storage

Global leaders in data storage and retrieval, Oracle’s data centers will now integrate through the cloud with NetSuite.

5. Global networking

Oracle customers are in 175 countries, with infrastructure around the world and huge, ongoing investments in framework and infrastructure. For truly global NetSuite customers, this assures they can rely upon Oracle’s massive global presence in order to benefit from the lowest network latency, accessibility, and highest performance possible.

Thanks to its broad geographic coverage, NetSuite can take advantage of the infrastructure’s global footprint to follow our customers as we expand around the globe.

To learn more about how NetSuite and Upaya’s services can help you leverage the Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure contact us today at:

W: http://www.upayasolution.com

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E: support@upayasolution.com

We are ready to help!!!

Till Next Time,

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