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FAM Asset Transfer: Department field for Compound Asset is not updated

When creating a Compound Asset, some information of the components is not added to the Compound Asset record. The Department, Location, and Classes can be different among components. Therefore, Compound Assets D/C/L fields are empty.

Compound Asset:


Problem: Performing an Asset Transfer to set the Compound Asset department to be the same as the components (COS: 6000- Cloud Operations) does not update the compound asset record’s department field.

  • Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Transfer
  • Enter the Component Asset ID
  • Department = choose the Component’s Department e.g. COS: 6000 Cloud Operations

  • Hit ‘Process Transfer’
  • Once Transaction Status is complete, navigate to the Component Asset Record to check if the Department field is updated.

Actual Result: The Department field is still empty

In this example the user wants the Compound Assets to have the same department as its components. Performing the steps above is not recognized by the system because the components are already in the 6000 Cloud-Operations department.

To fix this:

  1. Move the Compound Asset to a different Department by performing an Asset Transfer.
  2. Then perform another Asset Transfer to move the Compound Asset to the components’ Department

  3. Actual Result:

  4. Hope this tutorial will help our NetSuite customers with FAM asset transfer..

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