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Upaya’s USchools, using the NetSuite platform, was designed to integrate the student life cycle and the office business processes. With a single repository of data, we have created a self-service facility for faculty, students, and employees that provides accurate real-time data and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

With this integration, we reduced the cost of operations by standardizing/integration of business processes. We enhanced productivity and value by improving the workflow and reducing human error. The faculty can focus more on teaching, manage class information, and create analytical reports. Students are better informed about the flow of information on class schedules, assignments, and announcements. Communities are well informed on the school’s initiatives to promote enrollment. No one gets left behind.

Connect to USchools

360-degree view of your School Processes

Unite Fragmented Data Silos

Remove the frustration of using multiple repositories of information and reduce the burden of maintaining multiple systems

Improved working efficiency

Digital workflows contributed to more transparency and less human intervention

Be Adaptable and Profitable

Make informed decisions to ensure the success of programs and create a better learning experience

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