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Eastside Preparatory’s administration software challenge:

The administrative and finance teams have been burdened by repetitive and manual processes. The team had to enter GL transactions and Expense transactions manually and had to repeat the process in different systems.This archaic way of functioning was inefficient, prone to human error, drained the team’s time on rework, reporting and manual administration.

Upaya’s Solution:

Upaya’s team listened and understood the concerns and roadblocks for the Eastside team. NetSuite along with integration with Concur was an ideal solution to add efficiency to their processes. Upaya’s certified and experienced team implemented NetSuite within time and within budget. The team was able to leverage their deep industry knowledge to integrate NetSuite with Concur.

The Benefit of NetSuite & Upaya for Eastside Preparatory

The Eastside team has been able to reap benefits and value from Upaya’s solution. They have now

  • Reduced manual processing and human errors by 80% - 90%.
  • Workload reduction by 40% -50%.
  • Automation of 100% of GL and Expense transactions.
  • Better overview of the financial health of the school because of best in class reporting and drill down features.
  • Seamless User Experience due to integration of NetSuite with Concur.
  • Team has gained 25 hours per week to focus on school community related activities.

Testimonial of Eastside Preparatory’s CFO

Casey Otley, CFO of Eastside Preparatory School Praised Upaya’s Team:

We partnered with Upaya to implement NetSuite at our school. Not only were we switching from an antiquated school software but we were simultaneously implementing a new workflow software, Concur.

We needed a user friendly and cost effective school administration software and Upaya’s NetSuite for education solution is a great fit. The ERP project & integration with Concur focused on solving for our top requirements of:

  • Managing students and teacher profiles
  • Processing online payments for courses, activities and purchases
  • Expense management & approvals
  • Administering human resource aspects such as staff performance reports
  • Easily manage our school’s financials and get real-time reporting
  • Saving files associated with students and teachers, like report cards
  • Log student attendance via mobile app

About the implementation in CFO’s words

Casey Otley, CFO said, “The Upaya team held our hands through the implementation process by asking questions that we would not have thought to ask.

They listened to what we were trying to accomplish and how we had previously completed those tasks and then used that knowledge to help us determine the best practices in NetSuite – both in setup of our accounting structure and in establishing procedures for our daily operations.

They were also our advocate in the integration of NetSuite with Concur, almost as if they were employees of our school. Perhaps most importantly, during the scoping of the project and implementation, they listened. They were responsive.

They held us accountable to our commitments. And the implementation team still checks in with us and continues to respond to our questions well after going live. Thank you Upaya, we will partner again.”

On school management system selection

Choosing a school administration system is easier than you think. There are few true web-based systems available, Upaya’s NetSuite school management software system allows K-12 educational institutions to run your operations with ease, saving time on manual excel tracking, people management, and reporting.

Here are just some of the popular features:

  • Student programs and resources
  • Mass communications to staff, students and parents
  • Expense management & approvals
  • Multi department and campus management
  • Student and teacher attendance control
  • And much more!

It brings us pride and joy to have partnered with Casey’s team at Eastside Preparatory School and successfully deliver on their goals.

Upaya's Team

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