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Upaya's Community Outreach

Upaya has made it a priority and part of its mission to be a socially responsible organization.

We believe in the power of nonprofits and social enterprises to create a positive impact in our community and our world as a whole. We are committed to doing our part.

At Upaya, we believe that being a good corporate citizen is about using the strengths and assets of our company to make a difference in the world. Through our community outreach programs, we are aiming to make a lasting positive impact.

Our Community Outreach comes down to two simple objectives: donating our expertise and leveraging the skills and passions of our global employees to help nonprofits and social enterprises to create transformational change.

Customer give back program

We have launched a customer give back program. The main tenet of this program is donating 10% of the revenue earned from our customers to a nonprofit/socially responsible organization of their choice annually.


Upaya has the privilege of donating to the following organizations:

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