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  Jimmy Sharp ,  Director Finance (Act|On)

"Upaya saved our implementation project by providing a level of professionalism and expertise lacking in the consultants we originally enlisted for our NetSuite implementation.  In three weeks their team accomplished what the other consulting agencies could not in three months.  They worked efficiently and effectively to import all of our historical transactions which was a key deliverable requirement to our management team. Without them our project would have never met our timeline or requirements."

  Tom Noble ,  President (Noble Sales)

"Upaya has done exceptional work for Noble. We rely on Upaya for all of our NetSuite development work."

  Dave Weiss ,  Director (School of Rock)

"The Upaya team is ultra-responsive to our custom development needs.  Even when we're working on tight deadlines, they come through with well designed and engineered solutions."

  Juna Yoo (Inkling)

"Upaya has been crucial in getting our company running on Netsuite and customizing a module to help us scale.  They have been patient and persistent in getting our module set up properly and presenting different options that I had never thought about.  They have been easy to contact and helpful in answering all of my questions."

  Sudheer Yerabati (Mindjet)

"Upaya played a key role in the success of our NetSuite implementation. They bring deep NetSuite knowledge, technical expertise, creative problem solving skills, and commitment to customer success."

  Robert Hessling ,  President (HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc.)

"The personalized customer service and responsiveness Upaya gives our company has been essential in realizing our goals. You can always count on Kapil to be upfront and honest."

  Rose Strain (Robert Bosch Healthcare Systems)

"Upaya always does a superb job. Their consultants really understand NetSuite inside and out. Our project went smoothly, finished on time, and  the application works great."

  Brittany Ridley (CherryPharm)

"Super fast response time and excellent customer service!  All inquiries are responded to within a day and all employees of Upaya are very knowledgeable and accommodating."

  Raleigh Hoban (Liquid Robotics)

"The project managers at Upaya go above and beyond providing me with their expert support with my NetSuite technical needs. They are courteous, and respond quickly and always continue to provide help until the problem is solved or project is completed."

  Jeff Amon (DecoBreeze - Innovative Decorative Solutions)

"Hiring Upaya to handle our NetSuite implementation was the greatest decision we could have made! They were extremely knowledgeable, diligent and creative during the process and continue to be now when providing ongoing support. Two thumbs up!"

  Chris Corcoron ,  CEO(Sunset Limousines)

"Upaya has been one of the best finds for my company this decade. Their ability to understand my business and our needs in a short time frame has given me the freedom to run my business, and not have my business run me.In 2007 we acquired 3 new authorized AT&T retail stores in Rhode Island bringing our total (including Connecticut) to 8. Due to the varying nature of cell phone commissions in our business, phones are generally sold at a loss and a commission is paid depending on the rate plan. Upaya wrote a gross profit script that allows the end user to see the estimated gross profit of their transaction including carrier commissions.

Most important, Upaya wrote a front end interface to AT&T's activation system that allows us to create a new customer and invoice in less than 60 seconds from an xml file generated by AT&T's activation process. Prior to this our employees were manually rekeying this data which led to many mistakes on the back end (i.e. wrong rate plans selected, wrong telephone numbers entered, etc.).

I will continue to use Upaya as they have outdone themselves time and time again!"

  Cheryl Wong ,  VP Finance

"We have a pretty complex billing structure that has arisen over the years with old legacy contract terms and new terms. This has created a challenge as well to having uniform standardized billing that could be captured more systematically. Historically we've developed a home-grown billing system to accommodate the complexities, but as time went on this system proved to be unscalable and was breaking with the multitude of rules and logic. We knew then we needed to move away from this home-grown system and have a more robust billing system.

We engaged Upaya Solution to help us initially design how our billing could be rewritten using our existing production/order intake system - NetSuite. Upaya is very knowledgeable with NetSuite and was able to very quickly comprehend our needs. They understood our complex elements and consulted us intimately through the whole process of designing a more refined and automated billing system. Personally, I was very comforted in knowing Upaya had such expertise with NetSuite and other applications needed, was technically adept, and was responsive in providing project management time to successfully complete this project for us. I believe a key for our success of the project was having Upaya be a good project lead, with their expertise, to make sure we had a new system that worked for us for some time to come. I would work with Upaya on future engagements without hesitation."

  Alan Woo ,  Controller (Six Apart)

"Upaya had designed a web service based expense allocation application for the unique requirements of our NetSuite One World Product. We were quite satisfied with the delivery and found it very useful. I would recommend Upaya's services to existing and prospective NetSuite customers."

  Steve Haynes ,  CEO (PrimeTime Solutions)

"Upaya has consistently met and exceeded our expectations. Their deep expertise in NetSuite has helped us to successfully implement the e-commerce solution and drive efficient operations management within our organization."

  Barbara Steinberg CFP®, RFG® ,  President(BLS)

"The consultants at Upaya - The Solution were able to get us up and running on NetSuite ahead of schedule. They understood our business requirements and configured and customized our system to meet our needs. We would not hesitate to use them again for future enhancements."

  Dan Yang ,  Director, Customer Support (You Send It)

"Upaya played a significant role in the success of the NetSuite CRM implementation for our Customer Service team. Their technical depth of knowledge is impressive but it is their attention to detail and ultimately, customer satisfaction, that has made it a pleasure to work with Upaya. Despite the inevitable bumps encountered along the way, Upaya's "can do" attitude helped ensure that the project was completed on time."

  Naresh Bansal (zscaler - The Cloud Security Company)

"Upaya has been an critical partner in our selection and implementation of NetSuite as our global ERP solution and our ability to go live in less than a month worldwide."

  Don Brooksby ,  General Manager (CLH International)

"Upaya helped CLH International, Inc. move over from an old accounting system to being fully functional with NetSuite. The way they approached our situation was highly professional and instructional. They broke down the installation into sections and instructed us with what needed to be done, then worked on our rushed timeframe to complete the process. Their ability to not only discuss the product and its capabilities were wonderful but they were able to understand what we were currently doing, how to move us to a better platform in a way we understood, and then help us implement with success. When the time comes, we will use the services of Upaya without hesitation."

  Jared Bulloch ,  President (Renovation Design Group)

"Working with Upaya was easy. They delivered a customization for NetSuite to us that was beyond our capacity to do in-house within the time allotted. Upaya's team made necessary adjustments at no additional charge to make sure it worked properly for us. I would feel confident in using Upaya for expertise beyond our capacity in the future."

  Jon Mehlman ,  East Regional Sales Director(ADA Solutions, Inc.)

"Upaya understands NetSuite inside and out. Their expert knowledge enabled us to get the most value out of NetSuite. Upaya delivered what they promised. On time. On budget... and then some."

  James Jones ,  Director, Financial Planning & Analysis (KANA)

"During the proposal process, you were able to quickly gain an understanding of our current environment and future opportunities and challenges. The detail and accuracy of your SOW demonstrated your understanding and relevant experience. Based on your proposal, I had a clear understanding of your approach and value. In the project's early stages, your meeting facilitation and documentation helped to quickly clarify issues and to develop a detailed, achievable work-plan. Working with you was effortless, and, during each interaction, you provided value and expertise. While we configured NetSuite, Kapil and his team showed deep, product knowledge and creative, problem-solving skills.Also, the team was very committed to the project. Upaya's enthusiasm and eagerness during functionality testing and the weekend data migration are just a few examples of your commitment to quality work and customer success. Even after go-live, you continued to check on the status of the project and, when we had questions or issues, Upaya provided immediate assistance."

  Gary D. Potts ,  CFO (SATMETRIX)

"Through 2008, Upaya has been providing us on-going support for our NetSuite application. They clearly know how to dissect a problem and provide a solution to my team so that we can resolve any critical issues as soon as feasible and get back to running our business on NetSuite. We consider Upaya a valuable partner in maintaining our NetSuite software"

  Sarah Zylstra ,  E-Commerce Manager (BEAUTY COLLECTION)

"Upaya has been more than just a solution for our company; they have been the cornerstore of our new eCommerce objectives. As a smaller company, we attempted to embark on a larger-scaled project that we were unable to handle with our own internal staff. Kapil and a team of developers became integral members of our team. Their response times were practically immediate and they always offered honest straight-forward advice on the best way forward as our project changed directions and objectives numerous times. Without them, the relaunch of our website and implementation of NetSuite would not have been possible. They really took the time to understand our company goals and worked tirelessly to make them a reality."

  Larry Friss (Digistor - The Storage Specialist)

"Upaya facilitated our NetSuite implementation in 2007 and have helped us with every customization and upgrade since. They are our trusted partner for all things NetSuite and always deliver on time and on budget."

  Nick Sykes (Palantir Technologies)

"Upaya has made the transition from vendor to partner in very short order. Palantir could not ask for a better collaborator as we architect and scale our financial processes within NetSuite."

  Debbie Parigian ,  VP Finance (http://www.learning3.com)

"I met Upaya in the capacity of a VP of Finance at Learning.com; a company specialized in the delivery of educational programs and tools over the Internet. I was assigned the task of establishing internal systems to support development and implementation of strategic plans and was leading the deployment effort of the NetSuite software.

Our business is unique and any software we were to deploy would have required careful attention to unique processes, detailed use case testing and most importantly special skills to enhancing user adoption of a system that touched and transformed every aspect of our business.

Upaya's knowledge, professionalism and personality helped facilitate the effort of mapping detailed processes; their level of attention to detail increased user confidence in our new system. Upaya's understanding of the NetSuite software helped support training effort and facilitated a post go live support that enhanced our adoption and ultimately success with this global deployment."

  Kathleen Hawkins ,  Head of Marketing & Communications (STRATFORD School)

".. Thank you, Upaya!

When the development of our complex Student Information System in NetSuite was hopelessly stalled, we were referred to Upaya Solutions for help. Their team quickly assessed our business needs and worked tirelessly to develop our SIS system to the level of success that we enjoy today. What impressed us most is that Upaya listened. They listened to our business needs. They listened to our challenges. They articulated our non-tech business processes into an advanced system.

Upaya offered a fresh perspective of NetSuite's functionality and worked with us to develop a system that is robust, yet user friendly. With the architecture we have in place, and with the expertise of Upaya Solutions, there is an unlimited opportunity for us to expand functions and integrated uses beyond our Student Information System. Upaya made our system happen. Our motto is "Summa Spes, Summa Res", meaning "High Hopes, High Things", and Upaya delivered on this promise..."

  Richard Timpa ,  Vice President Sales (ARASAN)

"We have implemented NetSuite and are using it to manage our entire business functions - Sales, Financials, Projects, etc. Due to Upaya's expertise in the SaaS space, they continue to provide us with stellar on-going support and maintenance of our NetSuite Software on a regular basis. They have a great team and excellent product knowledge. I am very happy with their work and my organization has derived tremendous value from their contribution"

  Chris Guidotti ,  Marketing and IT Systems Manager (HEALTH DIRECT)

"In 2007 Health Direct consolidated five different IT systems into a central ERP and CRM platform, NetSuite. The process didn't run as smoothly as we liked and we ran into many problems and difficulties that we hadn't anticipated in the beginning. That's when we found Upaya and brought them aboard to help us resolve some of the lingering issues. The jobs they completed were not only on-time, but within budget and were conducted with a level of professionalism that we've been using their services ever since. They not only solve problems for us; but have worked to develop custom solutions to improve the efficiency of our business processes and therefore our bottom line. I can say without any hesitation that we are 100% satisfied with Upaya's services and would recommend them, without hesitation, to anyone in need of software or service consulting."

  Aimee Silverman

"We recently started using Upaya as our NetSuite Account Manager and we have been very happy with their services thus far. The Upaya team is knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. Based on Upaya's recommendations, we have already made changes to our NetSuite account that have improved efficiencies within our operations. We are very excited about what this relationship can mean for the future of our business."

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