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We ensure our Support Services are your Safety Net

Our Clients success is our top priority and we do not let you fail. We understand that getting help fast and efficiently can be critical to your success. That is why we offer support services that are customizable for your varying needs.

  • Ongoing Monthly Support
  • Fixed Cost Monthly Support
  • Ad hoc Support
  • Onsite Support
  • Education Resources
  • SuiteSuccess Support
  • NetSuite Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Health Check and Optimization

Ongoing Monthly Support

Upaya offers unparalleled ongoing business and administrative support to its customers. Upaya takes immense pride in our Immediate Response Time which lays a solid foundation for Success of our Customers. Use NetSuite/Salesforce support services the way your company needs, not by work-arounds. Upaya's monthly support delivers a high level of technical expertise.

The Support Block Options:

  • 10 hours
  • 20 hours
  • 50 hours

Support Coverage/Location:

  • Toronto, Canada: 5am - 3pm PST
  • San Jose, USA: 9 am - 7 pm PST
  • Vashon, Washington: 9 am - 6 pm PST
  • Manila, Philippines: 5 pm - 5 am PST
  • Delhi, India: 10 pm - 5 am PST

We are able to provide 24/7 support due to our global presence.Our Support block covers all areas including small scripting and workflow. The hours do not expire and we roll them over.

Fixed Cost Monthly Support

We realize budgetary concerns are real. Our fixed cost monthly support allows us to take advantage of our experts troubleshooting your challenges.

Ad hoc Support

We realize that issues do not call before coming. So we provide Ad hoc support for those emergency situations. We prioritize resolving your issue first. Just call or email our support group and we will provide you with Ad hoc support service.

Onsite Support

Based on your need we provide our experts to travel to your office and provide in person support and training. Some problems are solved better in person and we recognize that and provide support for that too.

Educational Resources

We believe that prevention is better than cure. So we provide learning and skill development through many training sessions monthly. Join our training sessions and even better tell us what you want to be trained on and we will tailor a training session just for you and your team.

SuiteSuccess Support

SuiteSuccess is a methodology that enables NetSuite clients to go live on the NetSuite platform efficiently and successfully. It lays solid groundwork for NetSuite implementation. Based on our experience we find that clients need additional support to ensure their adoption, enablement, optimization and continued success. Our SuiteSuccess support enables you faster time to ROI, increased business efficiencies and better flexibility. Whether your company wants to make sure best practices are followed or requires additional customizations ahead of go-live—we’re here to assist. We are SuiteSuccess certified.

NetSuite Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

We will tailor a customized package based on your unique needs. You can leverage our Accounting and NetSuite experts to support your accounting needs in NetSuite. This is one of our popular support services. It will help you add efficiency, reduce cost and improve optimization of your investment in NetSuite. Take away the headache of hiring, onboarding and training your employees when you can for a fraction of cost leverage Upaya’s experts.

Health Check and Optimization

We offer periodic Health Check and review of current setups and processes. It is imperative to continuously keep up with new release features and update processes based on your business goals. We bring best practices from our over 200+ years of combined experience.Having our experts on your side to help you do health check and rethink how to design your manual business processes and automate them in NetSuite will be the best return on your investment in NetSuite.

Upaya can fast track your company’s success and get the most out of your NetSuite implementation. Our team of certified consultants are available for projects in need of expert experienced assistance, troubleshooting, on-site assistance and continuous support. Upaya has experts in every functional area of NetSuite including ERP/Accounting, CRM and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting.

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