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Boost your Business: Magento & NetSuite Data Sync

Lets cover the basics…. What are Web Services?

Sometimes we assume and overlook to explain the basics. Let me start by explaining what are Web Services, the name itself indicates that its a service which is available over the Web, that’s it. As an example you can consider http://www.upayasolution.com, Whenever you hit the URL in the web browser it will gives you some output in HTML format, you can also consider this as a Web Service. With Web Services, one can communicate different applications on different platforms, like a Java Application in Windows platform can easily communicate with the application developed using .net/php in Linux operation system. Web Services are mainly of 2 types; SOAP [Simple Object Access Protocol] and REST [Representational state transfer] based services.

What is Magento Rest Web Service?

Magento is an E-commerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. The Magento REST API allows you to manage customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventory, and products.

The overview of the integration process that runs in backend:

This integration involves various API calls between Magento and NetSuite and/or Upaya’s custom app using Suitetalk with Java. So, let’s start to see how data sync completes from Magento to your NetSuite account by using Magento REST API and NetSuite Suitetalk with Java.

  1. Get Admin Authorization Token
  2. Most REST calls to Magento require an authorization token. The token allows Magento to verify that the caller is authorized to access a system resource. To get a token, you must specify the user’s username and password in the payload. Magento provides a separate token service for administrators and customers. When you request a token from one of these services, the service returns a unique authentication token in exchange for the user name and password for a Magento account.

  3. Request for an authorization token
  4. An authentication token request contains three basic elements:
  • Endpoint- https://magento.host/index.php/rest/V1/integration/admin/token
  • Content type- application/json
  • Credentials- '{"username":"", "password":""}'
  1. Response
  2. Review the Order as an Admin
  3. When you request an order object, the response contains full details about the order, including customer information, payment details, as well as totals and subtotals for the order and each individual item.
  4. Create SalesOrder in Netsuite with the details that we fetch from Magento
  5. When you request to create an order in NetSuite the request contains full details about the order, including customer information, payment details, as well as totals and subtotals for the order and each individual item. And response contains order internal id.
  6. SOAP Response

How This Integration Can Boost your Business?

Spending the time to integrate these systems has big payoffs for each of our clients and their business. These advantages translate into process efficiencies and substantial consumer expertise enhancements. This gives you an edge to operate with additional efficiency by automating the order transactions between your Magento webstore and NetSuite. The manual process of entering data from your webstore into your ERP is time consuming and vulnerable to human errors. By integrating your systems, you won’t have to worry any longer about wrong orders, customer, and item data that negatively impact your performance.

Integration additionally offers you the choice to perform with more advanced capabilities. You’ll have the flexibility to do advanced logistics like an intelligent acquisition. Also, enables you to have the confidence to deliver on-time and accurately to your customers each time they place an order. When you integrate Magento and NetSuite, you can focus on your 1st priority: your customers.

Your customers benefit the foremost once your workplace back processes run smoothly. You'll be able to manage warehousing processes more efficiently and not process orders for customers items that you actually don’t have available in your stock. This Integration ensures inventory synchronization. Even if selling on multiple channels, you'll be able to be assured that your stock levels that customers see are correct.

You can additionally gain the trust of your customers by getting their orders to them quickly. Then, keep an exact record of their purchases both on-line and offline. Once you know your customers’ preferences and shopping behavior, you'll be able to serve their needs even better. Integrating your systems permits you to run your business in a way that puts your customers 1st. They will show their appreciation by shopping with you again and again.

At Upaya, we have developed the NetSuite/Magento integration that functions smoothly within native NetSuite. Our custom app is called Suitetalk. Visit http://www.upayasolution.com for more information.

Contact us at: sales@upayasolution.com or 408-899-4577 for a free demo of the NetSuite/Magento Integration.

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