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An Alternative way to display detailed related record links in transaction records

NetSuite provides related record links of transactions created from transaction records. Take for instance,if a user has received and billed against a purchase order (PO); any user with appropriate permissions to view the transactions associated to it can access the information under the Related Records tab

The challenge encountered by most NetSuite users is the ability to customize the data shown under the Related Records tab, which in most cases; helps users optimize certain business processes that involve data validation.

Creating sublist searches under a custom tab of a transaction record has certain limitations; you can only display the main line or header information of transactions records. This is the main reason why line level information in transaction records cannot be displayed under transaction sub tabs.

An alternative way to display more detailed information through a record link is to create a custom field, which has data linking attributes.

Below are the steps in creating a custom field:

Note:The steps provided below illustrate a related record link of vendor bills and item receipts created from a purchase order.

Step I: Create a saved search with the details shown below:

  • Search Type = Transaction
  • Navigate to Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Filter and add the following:
  • Navigate to Results tab > Columns subtab > Field and add the following:

  • Note: In this example, the user intends to display the item information and the related quantity received and billed on each line item.

  • The sorting is also based on the following logic:

  • a. Chronology on how the line items are displayed in the vendor bill/item receipt
  • b. Quantity received/billed
  • c. Transaction number

  • Under Results tab, the sorting setup will be:

  •  Sort by = Applying Transaction fields…> Line Sequence Number
  •  Then by = Applying Transaction fields…> Quantity
  •  Then by = Applying Transaction fields…> Transaction Number

  • Under Available filters tab, add:
  • Hit Save button

  • Step II: Create a custom transaction body field.

  • Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > New

  • Below are the settings of the custom field:FieldsDescriptionTypeHyperlinkStore ValueUncheckedLabelBills and ReceiptsApplies ToPurchaseSubtabMainDisplay typeInline textLink TextBills And RecieptsDefault ValueSee note belowFormulaCheckedt

  • Note: These are the details that should be entered in the Default Value field:

  • '/app/common/search/searchresults.nl?searchtype=Transaction&Transaction_TRANSACTIONNUMBERTEXT=' || {tranid} || '&style=GRID&Transaction_TRANSACTIONNUMBERTEXTtype=IS&Transaction_TRANSACTIONNUMBERTEXTfooterfilter=T&report=&grid=T&searchid=1287&sortcol=Transaction_NAME_raw&sortdir=ASC&csv=HTML&OfficeXML=F&pdf=&size=500&twbx=F'

  • In setting the above hyperlink, the only thing that needs to be changed is the exact internal ID of the search created in Step II. In this example, the internal ID of the search is 1287

  • Save & Apply to Forms

  • Select the form/s where the field should display

  • Customize the forms and make sure the custom field is set to display

  • Once the custom field is setup, a link will be displayed in the form where the user is routed to the related vendor bills and receipts of the purchase order:

  • When the link as shown above is clicked, the user is routed to the page that displays the related vendor bills and item receipts of the purchase order.

  • This tip will benefit NetSuite users optimize business processes which require data validation.

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