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Google Maps have made it simpler and faster for us to explore the globe than ever before.

Using Google Maps, we can search satellite images, aerial photography, watch street maps, get full 360 ° street views, get real-time traffic conditions, plan better, and more.

Google Maps can then prove to be a solid partner when it comes to business management and optimization. NetSuite understands the importance of Google Maps for business, and that's why you can now integrate Google Maps seamlessly into your existing framework and make your business easily accessible to your customers and your supply chain more efficient.

How Can Google Maps Help Businesses?

Integration of Google Maps with NetSuite gives you the ability to collect real-time information about any vendor, customer, or prospect associated with an address in your NetSuite system. Packages can be monitored during the entire process and by evaluating traffic conditions, the best possible distribution routes can be selected. If your shipment is delayed you can find its exact status quickly and easily using Google Maps.

In short, wherever you're using an address or location, you can use Google Maps to get full control there.

NetSuite and Google Maps

There are various situations and instances where the use of NetSuite, Google Maps will prove to be a big business asset.

For example, organizations are now able to create specific maps with an address using NetSuite records. Then, these maps can be exchanged around the divisions, so everyone is on the same page. Here a great mechanism for collaboration can be formed.

The maps created can be customized to display only those data that are of real importance to the person or team concerned. For example, if the shipment is from Sydney to Brisbane, then Google Maps can be optimized for real-time tracking to display only this route.

One of Google Maps' best uses comes in the NetSuite dashboards: multiple maps, covering different business operations aspects and angles.

Using Google Maps, deliveries can be optimized directly from NetSuite and operations can be enhanced that translates into better growth.

Upaya will help your company integrate Google Maps seamlessly with NetSuite, so start taking advantage of this technical marvel!

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