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Adding Subtotal or Total Lines in Financial Reports

NetSuite provides a variety of standard reports that are available at the Reports tab. These reports can be further customized using the Report Builder., example of these are Balance Sheet and Income Statement Report. We can further customize them according to legacy’s requirements.

You can modify the look of a report and the information it presents, to meet your specific needs. In standard financial report most of the time we want to see the subtotal and total of account as one of the requirement for your financial reports.

Following are the steps in adding subtotal or total to our Financial Reports:

1. Go to Reports > Financials > Income Statement > Customize

2. Select “Total” in View Column By.

3. Move cursor and click plus sign before Financial and select “Amount”.

4. Scroll down and check the check box of “Add Grand Total”.

5. Hit “Save”.

In these way of adding the subtotal and grand total you can validate, that the customized report that you created is the same with your Income Statement or Balance Sheet ending balances. It will also be easier for you to know the total of the balances in your report without exporting the report and adding a subtotal or grand total in your excel file.

You can always go and customized your reports if you want add additional requirement in your report.

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