When you enter a value in the year column you are given several choices on how to distribute that value. What is the difference between Breakback proportionally and Breakback evenly?

Breakback proportionally will spread the value entered over the rollup components proportional to the values currently in those periods. Breakback evenly will spread the value entered in the time rollup evenly across the periods. Breakback proportionally will only be different than Breakback evenly when there are existing values in the time rollup.

Why is my actual data not displaying in my planning version for the month that I expect?

There are two settings that will determine the month that Actuals data comes through in a plan version. These are the Completed Values Through setting (in the Actuals Version) and the Start of Plan setting (in the Plan Version).

1. The Completed Values Through setting in the Actuals version.
Please navigate to Modeling>Model Management>Versions and click on the "Actuals" version. This will determine what time periods in the Actuals version are allowed to be picked up in any plan version. If the "Completed Values Through" setting is set to April for the current year, no plan version will be able to show actuals data past April, even if May data has been loaded in the Actuals version.

2. The Start of Plan setting in the Plan version.
Please navigate to Modeling>Model Management>Versions, this time click on the relevant Plan version. This setting will determine the first period that will show Plan data. Any time periods before this setting will show the Actuals version, as long as the Completed Values Through setting is properly showing. Note that moving the Start of Plan forward will not erase plan data, but will simply allow actuals data to be overlaid on top of it.

Why are my accounts not converting correctly?

Please check if you have entered the Exchange rates correctly for the time period in question and that the rate for (Eg. EUR/USD) is not set to 1 or 0.

Also, please make sure that the Data Type-> Display As in an Account is set to "Currency" instead of "Number".

We bought OfficeConnect but my Adaptive username and password are not working. I receive an error message saying "User does not have access to OfficeConnect when I entered my credentials. Why am I not able to login?

If Adaptive OfficeConnect has been turned on in your instance, a user will need to be assigned a role that includes the "Access OfficeConnect" permission before he or she will be able to log into OfficeConnect. Please contact your Administrator.

The following steps shows how to add the Access OfficeConnect permission to a role.

1. Go to Administration > Roles and Permissions
2. Click Edit next to the Role you wish to edit
3. Tick the box next to "Access OfficeConnect"

I have three segments on a report each with its own period as a parameter, Current Month, YTD current year and prior year. Is there a way to set up the report so that when I change one parameter to the current month to have the other two segments update automatically?

Other segments in a report can be automatically updated by linking together its time parameters. You may link any time element except for Timespan elements to a single Period parameter.

Please drag the first time element to the parameter bar. Next is to drag the other two time elements on top of it. Once this has been done, if you right-click on the Period parameter and select Properties, you will see the connection between the three elements.

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