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"Upaya has used scripting & web-services to extend NetSuite beyond the traditional feature set."

Upaya products are built on rich experience of well qualified IT professionals who are business process analysts, architects and technical consultants. Upaya provides tailor-made/customized software solutions that are cost-effective, user friendly and meets specific business requirements.

Upaya Subscription Billing

Upaya Subscription Billing provides an alternative billing solution to automate the billing process for their subscription-based type Customers. This solution is ideal for our Clients that provide subscription-based products like magazines, membership, online storage and others. Our Clients avail of it because we allow flexibility through scripts so it’s entirely unique for each client. Thus, customization is tailor-made for the Client.
Automate billing for timed and recurring subscriptions, Setup flexible frequency (even by days), Automate payments, Manage and forecast revenue, Track and trend active subscribers, Manage subscription renewals, Online tools for subscribers to manage their subscriptions, Use for auto replenishment too.

Flexible to create billing cycles:

Manage Subscription renewals

Subscription renewals happen through the following steps:

  • Generating an order record within the subscription billing platform to track the renewal
  • Charging a customer’s credit card
  • Shipping the product to customers (for ecommerce subscriptions)
  • Marking the order record as complete within the subscription billing platform


Summary Reports

Track and trend active subscribers

  • With subscription user can easily track subscriber details.

Auto Bill

Here are the main reasons a lot of people take advantage of automatic bill pay:

  • It’s convenient
  • You don’t have to remember every bill and due date
  • You don’t have to visit several websites to get everything paid
  • You don’t risk forgetting to make the payments


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UUsage Billing

Upaya automates Usage Billing for storage and communication companies in NetSuite. The billing drivers are Contract, Monthly Service Fee, and Included/Excluded Usage Units (Monthly/Annual). Be it per GB or per file or per hour, our solution automates all aspect. It also accounts for purchase history and price breaks.


Contract Example

Contract Example

Usage Example

Invoice Example

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Install Base & Service Contracts

A complete solution to manage Install Base, track Service Contracts and Warranties. We automate Renewals and associate Support Cases with the Service Contracts. No more missed Renewals. Decide your requirements for Depot. Meet Service Level Agreements. All at your fingertips.


Upaya Install Base & Contracts

Sales Process

Renewal Process

Data Model

Salesforce & NetSuite Objects



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