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Adaptive Insights - rated as world's no. 1 business planning cloud solution is Easy, Powerful & Fast and enables smarter decisions through active planning.
The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables a comprehensive set of cloud-based software solutions supported by a powerful, in-memory technology platform that enables functional and company-wide business planning and built-in analytics at a very large scale.
It offers the capability to flexibly model virtually any kind of functional use, such as project, capacity and operational planning.
The application is built on an In-memory database, has an in-browser user interface similar to that of a spreadsheet, and the drag-and-drop characteristics of a web-based consumer application. Adaptive Insights automates consolidations and integration of data from other systems and enables collaboration and real-time updates via its on-demand SaaS-based model.
More than 4,000 customers in 85 countries use Adaptive Insights. These range from mid-sized companies and non-profits to large corporations.

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Technology Platform

Adaptive Insights platform is Powerful, Scalable, Elastic, and Intelligent—all without compromising the ease of use

What is Active Planning?

The biggest challenge facing organizations today is keeping up, and quickly responding, to change. In a world of constant change, one thing remains constant for finance teams—the need for accurate, agile planning and forecasting. Most finance teams engage in static planning, a process that is not optimized for responding and adapting to change. Static planning is characterized by long planning cycles, short-lived plans, siloed efforts, and lack of time for strategic analyses.

Where a static planning process forces a compromise between getting a plan right and getting it done, active financial planning lets you plan and adapt without compromise. Active planning gives you the power to better manage your business, by analyzing and understanding historical performance to inform and predict future performance. An active planning process is the key to accurate, agile plans that help drive business growth.

Active Planning process is Collaborative, Comprehensive, and Continuous

Improved Collaboration
By using a single source of shared data accessible to the entire team through the cloud, collaborative financial planning empowers all stakeholders to easily engage with the numbers.
A Comprehensive View of the Business
Unlock new insights with detailed and sophisticated budgeting, analysis, modeling, and forecasting that spans the entire business and understands its complexities and nuances.
Faster Forecasting and Analysis for Continuous Planning
Active planning automates data collection to ensure you’re always working with fresh data. This allows you to spend more time on analysis, delivering deeper insights and becoming a better business partner to the entire company.

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